Thursday, November 26, 2020

It never gets old

The rot had long set it, but most didn't realize it.  From the street level, it harkens back to a time when we had many things we assumed were still what made us a country.  Now that the presidency will again be celebrated and all will be well, expect more such portrayals of our awesome White House.  Fun memories, and a well done segment.  Happy Thanksgiving. 


  1. For me, thanksgiving will always be a day to watch a Mystery Science Theater 3000 marathon. lol In one episode Professor Bobo is calling various hotlines to try and get dating help (because nobody wants to talk to him). After torturing out protagonists for a bit, the skit ends with him starting to dial the butterball hotline.

    It is now #2 in my pop culture references to that hotline. I can agree with President Sheen there on one thing: I love this country.

    1. Well I didn't see that as a Thanksgiving viewing tradition! But then when I was growing up, WUAB 43 Cleveland played Miracle on 34th Street and King Kong as a Thanksgiving Day tradition, so there you go.


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