Saturday, November 7, 2020

Where's Russia?

 I mean, from before the 2016 Election, all we heard was russia, Russia, RUSSIA!  For four years, all we heard was Russia!  Going up to the election it was Russia!  Everything happening, no matter what, was Russia!  

And now ... I've heard almost nothing about Russia.  TIME mag ran a piece about how Democrats questioning the 2016 election Trump questioning the 2020 election plays into Russia's hands.  But that's been it.  It's mostly Covid, or Putin's health, or nothing.  

As my son said, if you want to make an election seem rigged, this is how you do it.  I don't think it's rigged in the 'guys caught carrying bag of fake ballots' rigged.  I think the rigging is far larger, far grander, and for much greater designs than just defeating Trump.

In fact, my other son suggested that the refusal to call the election might be deliberate on the Left's part.  The longer Trump is the focus, the more they can promote while America's eyes are on the Trump ball.  Think on it.  We now have businesses and colleges openly discriminating and segregating based on skin color.  Dems pushed elective late term abortions and even flirted with infanticide.  Multiple media outlets have run stories and editorials celebrating the glories of communism.  People can lose their jobs because they say boys and girls exist.  Scientists have continued to prove that Science is always what the liberal narrative wants (see BLM and Covid).  Per CBS, over 40% of AMericans now want the Constitution and Bill of Rights eliminated (because polls are always accurate).  An entire ISIS level iconoclasm has been launched against anything remotely American, Caucasian, Western or Christian.

But in it all, the press avoided covering these things by always turning the attention back to TRUMP!.  Without him there, what will be the distraction?   What will they be able to deflect to in order to hide the increasingly plain and obvious designs of this global revolution?  

I admit, it's an interesting theory. As I've said many times, sometimes it becomes more difficult to disbelieve a conspiracy theory than believe one. 

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  1. Thank you, Dave.

    This election absolutely proves to me that the dems never did honestly believe the Russian interference story. Because if they had, why didn't they make any efforts then to increase voter security to PREVENT Russian interference? Instead we saw them time and again work to make voting more fruad-able. Which Russia could have taken advantage of to interfere even more! Weird how that's no longer a concern, right?

    At least we're in good company.


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