Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Trump loses

OK, I'm calling it. Michigan is going Blue, and the main bulk of outstanding ballots are from Detroit.  A city that has lived in hell pit misery under Democrats and yet continue to be solid Democrat. 

North Carolina and Georgia are still contested, but even if Trump gets both of those and Pennsylvania, there is no path to 270.  Trump has lost Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota.  Those numbers are insurmountable.  It's as if Trump miscalculated. 

Who knows.  I get that Trump supporters will float endless conspiracy theories and tales of widespread corruption and voter tampering will be the talk for years to come.  It's probably true.  My guess is it's true every election year.  

But we're seeing America change.  Trump wins Ohio, Texas, Florida - and even if he pulls Pennsylvania along with keeping the others, he still can't win.  The fact is, despite the Democrats' hatred of the Electoral College, it now heavily favors Democratic Presidents.  If a Republican can win all of those states, hold the bulk of traditional Red bastians, and still lose, then future presidential elections look bleak for those who put their hopes in the GOP. 

If Trump should win?  We'll have four more years of the last four years.  The same charges of corruption and voter oppression will resound just like they did in 2016.  Remember, the Democrats never really conceded, and they fought the election results well into 2017.  

In any event, we're a very divided country.  I would like to think the winners will reach across to the losers, but I'm not betting on it.  I'd like to think leftist New Prolife Catholics will now turn and hold the Left's feet to the fire.  Again, not holding my breath.  Too many are now swept up in the divide and I don't see anything changing it, as we lurch toward the post-American nation my children will inherit. 

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