Wednesday, November 18, 2020

A brief overview of the destruction of Western Civilization that we're witnessing

Courtesy of John C. Wright.  By brief I mean in terms of an educated and literate society.  In our Twitter Age, it reads like a multivolume set of history.  

It's worth the read.  Like any history, what we're seeing happen in our move toward a post-national globalism, focused exclusively on the destruction of the Christian West, has many roots and causes.  History is never so simple as 'Event A happened all because of X.'   When you hear someone say that, you're dealing with someone who is ignorant or a huckster.  Sadly, that would be the majority who teach in our schools and universities, as well as those who produce the shows we see on National Geographic and PBS.  

It's worked like a charm.  Buttressed by Multicultural education, which has been one of the primary means for the West's destruction, this simplistic approach to everything including, but not limited to, the study off history, or philosophy, or ethics, or anything has laid the groundwork for what we're all seeing. 

The biggest thing to realize is that this is no accident.  And as Christians, we know who is behind it all.  As Mr. Wright says, we deal with "the little enemies on earth, some of whom know what dark power they willingly serve, some not."  But serve those dark powers they do, and so far over the last century or more, those dark powers have had their way.  Including with the Church itself. 

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