Thursday, January 30, 2020

I have been going to Intellectual Takeout

And enjoying the experience.  I admit, I found this in the most unlikely place.  An individual I friended on FB, and who continues to do the dirty work of keeping one eye on Mark Shea and company, linked to a post about Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  Being a Bonhoeffer fanboy, I couldn't resist going to see what Mark had to say about him.

Turns out, it was a post by one Annie Homquist.  She took a quote by Bonhoeffer about the idiocy needed to allow such things as the Nazi regime to take place.  She then finished her post by pointing to the obvious fact that we live in an age where both parties seem mighty interested in consolidating power for themselves.  In my own opinion, the Democrats are the ones to watch since the media and other supposed guardians of the little people are firmly in the camp of the Democrats and liberalism.  Nonetheless, I think it's safe to say that concern for anything other than more power is something neither side can fully deny.

Mark, of course, took this as a clear and obvious smack down of Trump, Trump supporters and all white skin conservatives who are white.  He missed the point entirely.  It reminded me why I avoid going to Mark's sites anymore.  Despite Dave Armstrong's instance that Mark is an excellent Catholic apologist, I see in Mark and his followers nothing other than vitriol, hatred, rage and political partisanship.  So what's the use?

Nonetheless, I did stumble on this new site which, as this little snippet demonstrates, is willing to look at things outside the usual paradigms and even bother to challenge some of the base assumptions our nation has glommed onto in recent years.  They are usually short posts, quick reads, and food for thought. So take a trip over there and see if you like what you find.  The emphasis is on mature and thoughtful discourse.  That I discovered it at Mark's blog is all the irony you'll need for the day.  It almost made it worth going back to CAEI.  Almost. 

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