Monday, February 3, 2020

Prayers for Rush Limbaugh

If news releases are to be believed, Rush has announced he has advanced lung cancer.  I was never a big fan, and saw in him many of the problems with the emerging conservatism of the post-Boomer era.  Nonetheless, like President Trump, he was an imperfect bulwark against the emerging evil of post-liberal secularism.  Even if he wasn't any of that, however, I wouldn't wish something like cancer on him, or anyone.  I grow tired of hearing that word.

Prayers for him and his doctors.  Nowadays caner is not always unbeatable, but is best beaten early on.  Whatever, may he make his peace with God and reflect on his life's contributions.  He has played a major role in our nation's history, and in many ways stood against forces of gathering shadow in our lifetime, even if he didn't always notice how ubiquitous that shadow was becoming.  But then, being imperfect would merely put him in the same category as me, so that is hardly damning criticism.

God grant him peace and comfort and even joy to know that grace abounds and in God's arms, all are safe.  Peace and strength to his loved ones, and all the skill and knowledge that his caregivers will need to help him through this time, wherever God's path for him will lead.

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