Thursday, February 13, 2020

Yes STDs are at all time highs

In addition to the continued HIV/AIDS infection and death rates, the near epidemic overdose rates, and of course the necessary abortion culture as final anti-pregnancy safety net, the spike in STDs reminds us that the glorious Sexual Revolution continues to harvest its body count.

None of this includes the various other burdens that have fallen on people and society as a result.  The ramifications, the logical conclusions; the emotional, psychological strain, the broken families, fatherless children, it all takes a grotesquely monstrous toll.

It's likely no coincidence that suicides among teens are at all time highs, and for the first time ever since we've documented such phenomena, suicide is the second leading cause of death amount ten year old children. Add to this the now all too common mass shooting, mass killing, school shooting and other forms of random violence that were not common occurrences fifty years ago, and it's safe to say we've screwed up big.

Of course we also live in an almost unprecedented age of selfishness, arrogance, narcissism, nihilism and apathy.  If it only impacts others, we're good.  Thirty six million dead worldwide from AIDS?  That's the sacrifice we're willing to lay on the altar of our libidos.  Millions dead and millions more ruined from recreational drugs?  You can't have the sex culture without the drug culture.  Again, proxy martyrdom: by the degree to which we'll tolerate the suffering of endless millions of others have we declared our righteousness.

I like what one of my sons said.  He said it if was any other generation than ours, much of the pontificating they hear would sound almost honorable and respectable.  But it's our generation.  And given the deplorable track record, it's more likely that we're hearing a lot of hot air meant to cover our reluctance to fix the problems we've been so willing to let pile onto the backs of our posterity.

As a special bonus, here is a couple of stories about the glorious Pill (that is, birth control pill).  One from way back in the 70s,  No need to worry.  As you can tell, a 'don't be hasty, we're willing to wait this one out' mentality is there.  I remember when our goto cold medicine, Vicks Formula 44D, was pulled from shelves overnight because studies suggested it could possibly increase the likelihood of health problems (Stroke, IIRC).  No wait and see, no let's not be hasty.  The story broke, the next day the shelves were empty.

Consider this.  Two cases have just come out where women have suffered stroke or died in connection to the pill.  Each story admits the possibility of problems, but note the emphasis: don't worry, by happy - and keep taking those pills!  Again, we have said there is no end to the tens of millions of people, including children and the unborn, we won't let die rather than backtrack on the sex, drugs and rock and roll era.  Shame on us.

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