Friday, February 7, 2020

Henry Kaiser and Catastrophic Climate Change as sales pitch

Henry Kaiser and his wife and the ships that made him infamous
Henry Kaiser was an American shipbuilder who jumped on the war effort in World War II.  He was able to turn out ships called 'Liberty Ships', among others, at ungodly rates, helping boost America's logistical war effort.  He became a symbol of America's industry and hard work, the staggering levels of which helped overwhelm the Axis powers. In later years, he and others of his ilk became a symbol of the growing perspective that WWII was a giant military industrial complex conspiracy to build weapons for profit while encouraging war and destruction because that's where the money was.

Anyway, that came to my mind recently.  And here's why. So there's a commercial I've seen.  It features a speech by FDR, and B&W film of student and youth protesters stumping over Climate Change/Global Warming/Climate Disruption.  I saw it a couple times on the monitors at the YMCA, and paid only scant attention.  Then I decided to watch it through and see what it was about.

It turns out to be a commercial from something called 'Believe in a Seventh Generation.'  I had no clue what that is.  I thought it might be some non-profit, or political group, or activist organization.  Nope.  It turns out that it's an activist organization alright; one that just happens to sell - you guessed it - 'eco-friendly' products.

It then dawned on me what a boon for new eco-friendly industries this Global Warming hysteria happens to be.  I mean, you've got the scientists, scholars and leaders of the world insisting we're all going to die and the world will explode if we don't go green and radical to stop Global Warming and voila!  Here are these companies selling just the products we need to save the world.

Now I've said I believe STEM causes Global Warming.  That is, the overemphasis on STEM since industrialization has no doubt had many negative side effects that have hurt various things including, but not limited to, the environment.  But I also can't deny that Global Warming is a molehill of science upon which a mountain range of agendas, politics, and other ulterior motives has been piled.   It just breaks the bounds of credulity to believe otherwise.  It would be the first time in history if it wasn't the case.

It's also not hard to see the benefits that come with jockeying for radical climate solutions today.  It would be like supporting the war effort in America in the 1940s.  Not only that, it would be like a manufacturing corporation supporting the war effort in the 1940s.

As the commercial in question shows, lots of money is available since, per everyone, if we don't take radical measures (that will likely hurt everyone else, especially pesky blue collar and lower income types), the world will blow up and we'll instantly die.  Like those who spread hysterics about Reagan nuking the world in 1980, the hysterics are there again.  Only this time, it's not just political.  Many agendas are clearly at work.  And companies and industries dedicated to clean energy and other eco-friendly products have at their disposal a marketing windfall that Henry Kaiser only dreamed of.  For Kaiser only had America and its war effort to help him out.  Eco-corporations have the whole world of elites and leaders to help them sell the sizzle of inevitable doom to an entire up and coming generation that believes it like gospel truth.

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