Friday, February 21, 2020

From before you could be punished for saying boys and girls

This old post, in which my then teenage boys realized that PC was really a euphemism for tyranny and an eradication of freedom and liberty, life and religion.  That was in 2014.  Now look at it.   An all out assault on the Christian Western tradition and a rise of bigotry, prejudice, hate and intolerance for any non-secular leftist view that makes Berchtesgaden seem a paradise of free thinking tolerance by comparison.  And in only six years.  Indeed, what will it look like in six more years?

If you want an outsider's view, this is a fine blog of a former professor from Russia who, like so many born outside the Western Narrative Bubble, sees the writing on the wall.  And what they see ain't pretty.  In fact, as a Romanian immigrant (also a professor) I know quipped, we're already 1/3 Soviet but don't know it.  So many from that part of the world recognize the same thing that we either are missing, or simply aren't prepared to do anything about.


  1. Additional data backing up your observations.

    1. Yep. I hear it from people in the Orthodox church, and I hear it from others from places like Africa and Asia. Almost everyone not in America seems to recognize it. And yet there is no stopping it for some reason.


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