Tuesday, March 3, 2020

The legacy of those Soviet bots

Post Modern America's Fab Four
By now it's almost a statement of Faith that Russia is the greatest threat to our nation.  Russia destroyed the electoral process in 2016.  Russia elected Trump.  Russia, it turned out listening to the impeachment hearings, has been an existential threat to our nation for years, ever since Putin.  Except, of course, in 2012 when for some reason Russia was no big deal.

Nonetheless, the rest of the time Russia has been our enemy, continues to be our enemy, and is the greatest threat other than Global Warming we have to face.  Which is odd.  I remember when none other than Pat Robinson was laughed off the stage for suggesting Russia would still be a threat even after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Ah, the Soviets.  I remember growing up hearing 'Commie Pinko Plot' said only in the most ironic and sarcastic ways.  Those who blamed anything on Communism were mocked and ridiculed.  A veritable Archie Bunker.  Suggest that Communists were behind problems in our nation, in our upheaval, in our instability, and expect contemptuous sneers at best.  Even when someone like Solzhenitsyn pointed out the obvious about Soviet meddling in our society, our pop culture and elite venues paid no heed. Even when Soviet agents came after the Soviet collapse and told us of their work undermining our nation, sewing seeds of discord among the youth, encouraging hatred and bitterness toward our country and its heritage, they were ignored.

Apparently the Soviets were awesome.  They wouldn't do anything like Russia today.  Why, apparently those old communists and operatives were just A-OK, not like Russia today that we must fear, hate, and oppose at all costs because of the threat they pose to our very lives.

And what threat is that?  Apparently the threat of tearing down a country founded on a Constitution and Declaration of Independence that a growing number of up and coming Americans will be more than happy to discard.  Just like those who want to change the Constitution who nonetheless scream at Trump for being a threat to the same, so many youth hate Russia for trying to destroy the foundations of a country whose foundations they will happily destroy themselves.

Well done Soviet bots, well played.  So one of five Millennials believe that the Communist Manifesto would be a better guarantee of rights than the Declaration of Independence.  And that's Millenials.  Imagine those younger generations who were raised on the textbooks my sons were.  In their world history text, Gorbachev, Mao, Marx and even Lenin receive great praise, with only sparse allusions to any negatives like mass killings or other violations of human life and rights.  Our presidents?  When mentioned at all, they were usually just minor tokens for bigger subjects.  In fact, Mao warranted an entire two page spread singing his praises as the man who brought China into the modern world.

It goes without saying that such things as the New Deal, the War on Poverty, government healthcare, and other ideals associated with a Socialist model receive great praise in their curriculum.  They did when I was in school.  But then the bad of socialism and evil of communism was front and center.  In my boys' books today?  Barely mentioned.

Greed, corporate corruption, white privilege and WASP bigotry are spelled out as the source of all evils in the world.  So why do we think the up and coming kids wouldn't look and conclude, as the survey found, that the world would be a better place with the brave and bold Soviets still in it.   I think of that as my oldest in college told me his class on cultural anthropology is ready to take on the evils of binary gender theory, and how that big lie has been used by WECs* to bring terror and oppression to the world. 

How did we become the generation the Founding Fathers never saw coming?  Well, one way is becoming  a nation that universally says sex is worth dying for.  A nation that says that is one that will easily throw away anything else, like life, liberty, equality and democracy:

Because death is a small price to pay for a hookup. 

*White European Christians, having replaced WASP some years ago. 

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