Saturday, March 21, 2020

And then Kenny Rogers died

I just saw the news.  We've been trying to limit access to the news, and so I'm not privy to everything going on. 

This is sad for me.  Mr. Rogers hit it big at that formative period in my life as I transitioned from elementary to high school.  My sister's first husband was a farmer, and the country music side of Rogers' repertoire was big with his family.  He also made the leap from country to popular music at a time when there was still a discernible difference between the two.

Nonetheless, as went my sister's first marriage, so went Rogers' time in the spotlight.  He was still well known in my early high school years, and some of his standards were mandatory at school dances on on the playlist of marching bands everywhere. 

Over time his career went its way, and I went mine.   But any time time heard one of his ballads I thought of that time in my life.  Of course, any time I played poker I thought of his iconic lyrics as well. 

So thanks for being part of that soundtrack of my life, and a key to unlock fond memories for me, if not for my sister, when I hear your music.  God bless, and RIP. 

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