Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Justice is being done for Nick Sandmann

Nick Sandmann, who committed the sin of white skin color and a MAGA hat, has settled with CNN for an undisclosed amount.  This is in response to his lawsuit against CNN, as well as other media outlets, for the outright lies they hoisted on him based on his race and politics, and the cover up they then engaged in rather than admit they were wrong (and racist and biased).

This was just one of many high profile cases in recent years being caught up in the logical, and much warned against, side effects of hate crime legislation and mentality.  It didn't take long for hate crimes to spawn a new way of seeing people post-human.  Instead of a person, or a person's character, we now judge based on skin color, gender, gender identity, ideals about gender identity, national origins, religion, politics, sexual desires, and any one of a hundred other categories.  These labels are affixed by our progressive betters, and we stand judged or vindicated, exonerated or condemned, based on where our particular label combinations happen to measure against another's respective label combination.

If that sounds stupid, given what we witnessed in the last century, then you're doing well.  It is stupid.  Evil stupid.  And yet it's all the rage.  In barely a generation, we went from judge not by skin color but by character, to insisting that if you don't judge and condemn by skin color, you're a racist.  So when an American Indian activist set up young Mr. Sandmann, nobody dared assume anything other than that the Indian activist (not white) would tell the truth and the accused (white) would obviously be guilty of racism.

With that stellar logic and acquiescence to the New Bigotry at hand, a tidal surge of witch hunters and mobs descended on this young man, his classmates and his school.  The Catholic hierarchy jumped in, assumed you can judge based on skin color and politics, and threatened expulsion.  Celebrities and pundits dove in, suggesting all colleges ban him forever from their campuses and even offering oral sex to anyone willing to beat him within an inch of his life.  Legitimate death threats prompted police protection and their school closing.  Joe McCarthy never did it so good.

Even when it became clear that he had been set up and falsely accused (and the real provokers were a group of Black radicals spewing Anti-Semitic and racist bilge who recently have been linked to recent fatal attacks against Jews in New York) many continued to drag their feet.  A few threw out some very limp acknowledgements that he may not deserve to be ruined for life.  Some held on and said his MAGA hat was enough to offset all appeals to innocence and mercy (including at least one Catholic bishop). David Hogg, Harvard scholar par excellence, poo pooed Sandmann's concerns about having half of a movement rise up and wish him dead.  And of course some hard left activists didn't give a rip if he was accused falsely or not.  He had blasphemed the true god of the Leftist State, and that was enough for them.

So in the wake of all this evil, racism and fascist style threats and assaults on non-conformity, it was good to see at least a shred of justice being done.  I have no clue about these things and their sticking power, how it will impact other lawsuits against other "media" outlets, and what will happen to him in the end.  Being a white conservative today is about on par with being a Communist in the early 1950s.  I pray he will be able to move forward and live a fulfilling and healthy and safe life. 

Oh, I know I've said I won't just post on this or that story anymore.  I won't let the latest news buzz be what motivates a blog post - unless i think it is significant or of extreme importance.  This is just that important. 

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