Saturday, June 30, 2018

The last gasp of a desperate denier

Here.  Leaning on only a couple stats, we're told there is no immigration crisis to speak of.   Note there is no real mention of any Americans who have been hurt.  What mention there is consists of 'no big deal.'  We know Americans have been hurt, both physically and economically.  We know that it's a lie to say Americans are never hurt by illegal immigration.  In fact, we know it's such a lie that to insist it is true, or to downplay and ignore it, is to say why so many Americans are willing to back Trump: To do so is to say we only care about one set of The Least of These, from outside our borders. Those who are inside?  Eh.  Fuhgeddaboudit.

Immigration should be fixed, because almost every sane person admits it's broken.  Illegal immigration is harmful, and until almost a year ago, you had no problem finding Democrats and liberals who admitted that fact.

Sadly, too many Christians, Catholics and secularists have suddenly decided whatever harm is done to Americans is of no real importance.  They won't say they don't care, but virtually nothing in the conversation suggests they do.  They will turn and twist numbers, select stats, ignore data and do everything to suggest nothing short of open borders is what Jesus would do.  As for breaking the law? They find no problem declaring anything short of their solutions (open borders) to be a grave evil, and we all know we're called upon to resist and even fight grave evils, including breaking unjust and evil laws.

The linked to post represents why someone like Trump has the support he has, and why countless pictures of children in America's Death Camps isn't causing nearly as many Americans to buckle as you might expect.  Increasingly they're being told their fortunes, their well-being, their suffering and their very lives are forfeit, and nobody really cares.

Saying there is no immigration crisis reminds me of when the Left shouted down George W. Bush for saying Social Security was in crisis mode back in 2004.   Despite the fact that Democrats and liberals had been ringing the bells about Social Security's inevitable demise for years, suddenly they never even heard of Social Security.  Bush being Bush, of course, capitulated and let the issue die.  Nonetheless, it showed two things.  First it showed the Left was unaware that the Internet existed, and we could go back and find Democrats' speeches raising the alarm about Social Security.  Second, we could also use the Internet to find out that, yes, Social Security will need to have something happen or eventually it won't be there.

Same here.  To say there is no crisis is to contradict everything that both side have said, Christians and Catholics have said, other countries have said, Americans have said, and those who have suffered and died from the phenomenon have seen.  And with the Internet, we have no problem finding examples of how such a claim is at best subjective (after all, define crisis), at worst false.  It is almost unfathomable to say that something involving tens of thousands of people risking and losing lives and impacting citizens within a sovereign nation's border is no big deal. And a Catholic page at that.

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