Thursday, May 10, 2018

Criticize Rap Music while you can

Rap Music, IMHO, has been one of the driving forces behind the cultural and social rot that has infected our society.  Not all of Rap is bad of course.  But enough of it is nothing but using self victim-hood as an excuse for bellowing about rape, murder, violence, drugs, sexual decadence and base animal debauchery to the beat of a Rap song. 

Problem?  As early as the early 1990s, any criticism of Rap Music was accused of being - you guessed it - racially motivated.  After all, most rappers are black.  If you don't like it, it can only be because you're a racist!  This allowed the poison to infect the mainstream in the same way that pop music in the 60s took the sex and drugs of the counterculture and made those mainstream. 

No matter how appalling the lyrics, how violent the message, how sexist the theme, any criticism would still be wrapped in the suggestion of racism. And nothing emasculates the forces of good in the modern era than dread of being labeled a bigot of some form or another. 

But praise be to Kanye West!  Since he came out in support of President Trump and conservative blogger Candace Owens, it turns out he's just a moronic blowhard making s[whoops]y music! 

You see? Now's your chance.  If you think some Rap Music is crappy, you can say it and not be racist!  Seize the opportunity while you can.  When no longer convenient, or convenient as the case may be, it will be back to anyone criticizing Rap Music must be racist. 

See here for the notion that our teachers are groveling in the dirt next to the prosperity and bountiful wealth of those around them.


  1. I tell people my favorite rap song is "Big John" by Jimmy Dean. (Yes, the same Jimmy Dean behind the sausages.)


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