Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sex with children

May not be a good thing, but enjoying it is sure no crime.  Or so says the glorious New York Court of Appeals.  I already posted about my experience on some atheist blogs in which I was informed there is likely not one thing wrong with such things as polygamy, incest, and polyamorous relations.  The commenters did, I should mention, stop short of endorsing sexual relations with children, citing concerns over the whole power and victim motif. 

Not to be outdone, the good old New York Court of Appeals has one-upped them by kicking the line out a little farther.  No, sex with children is still bad.  But we've made a huge leap forward by saying that sexually enjoying children via pornography is not a crime in the least.  As Mark Shea accurately predicts, in 50 years the Church will be persecuted not because priests had sex with children, but because priests will oppose those who wish to have sex with children.  Assuming, at that stage in the game, that's where the Church is standing on the topic. 

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