Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution plays to the big lie

Who cares about religious freedom when you can get others to pay for your sex life?  Again, it takes a pretty pathetic culture to toss cherished liberties (such as freedom of religion) out the window in order to advance the satisfaction of our libidos.  But this is the post-modern age, so any depth one thinks has been reached will no doubt be surpassed in days to come.


  1. Given that this concerns health insurance, not just "getting others to pay for your sex life", who is it you believe should pay for childbirth?

    How about when the child is born severely handicapped and requires extensive medical care for the next 18 years? Should that be covered or not?

    Should all couples who choose to have sex have to bear all the financial consequences, or just those you personally don't approve of?

  2. Let me ask this: if it's about 'health insurance', then why is the only thing that opponents of the Catholic Church's stance seem to focus on is the contraception topic? Just say they needn't provide that, and mandate all the rest. But it is only about that, and that alone. Why? I don't know. Is it a way to squeeze out their religious rights, promote our general culture of hedonism, who knows? I just know that the press and pundits have framed this about an attack on women for the singular reason of denying provisions for birth control. While on the other side, it looks a lot like the federal government stepping in and making a religion violate its deeply held convictions; it's right to freely exercise its religious beliefs you might say.

  3. Oh, and yes to your answer. Somehow living in a society where people accept the consequences of their actions helps me sleep better than the thought of a society where people feel they can do whatever they want.


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