Friday, May 11, 2012

An addendum to my last post

Don't for a minute think I'm not aware of the coordinated aspect of this whole 'Obama comes to the light' mantra regarding gay marriage.  My sons nailed it, I think.  This is one more attempt, like the 'War on Women' (TM), to solidify the base by dividing Americans and keeping focus away from things like the economy and America's floundering place in the world.  It was orchestrated, and based on the immediacy of the release of this most terrible of accusations against Romney, coordinated with at least some media outlets as well.  Remember, the pres isn't free when it sells itself to slavery to a political party.  This is simply one more example.  Not to take away from the bigger story that post-modern Americans truly are a vacant bunch, a people that doesn't care about anything but getting what it wants.  God help us.

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