Thursday, May 17, 2012

I will return

Many unexpected things have happened this week, and no, I'm not ducking out on the response I mentioned in a comments section below.  I'll get there, as soon as things slow down, hopefully this weekend.  Nothing bad, just busy, busy, busy.  God bless and see you soon.

Must get busy, busy, busy...


  1. Hi Dave

    You asked a question on Mark Shea's blog about Voris' stance before this new video. I typed a reply but my comments have been put on 'awaiting moderation' so maybe it won't post.

    I will post my reply here instead, if that's OK?


    Ros in the UK

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.!!

    Well in one of these videos linked above, he more or less asserts that only feminists and cissy men still attend Church in large numbers! However, he believes real men are beginning to be spiritually formed into what I can only decipher as ‘warriors’ who will return to the Church having proved their masculinity in some sort of spiritual/ritualistic/tribal event and carry the good women off into the er er sunset? As for the men who are not ‘real masculine men’ well, it’s unclear what will become of them.

    That is, it was unclear until this latest video posted by Mark, we now know that they have a special ministry all of their own. Michael obviously didn’t know that, at the time of making these real men videos. Still, I guess we’re all on a learning curve.

    By the way Dave G, I notice you have a picture of your President on your blog, that refers to him as ‘The First Gay President’ so you will probably find Voris’ videos quite mild and be flummoxed as to how anyone would find them insulting.

    Is Obama gay? If not, why are people saying that he is. Specifically why are Roman Catholic blogs stating this, if it is untrue?

  2. I think the question was answered on Mark's blog. It was a pic of the cover of Newsweek. A cover that deserved to be mocked.


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