Tuesday, June 18, 2024

This and Harrison Butker too

We all recall the Left/Media's attack against Kansas City kicker Harrison Butker when he dared to challenge the Left's calls for more hedonism and narcissism.  Yet despite some points where those to the Left could have come together and really trounced the guy, the far-left radicals overplayed their hand. By signing petitions and trying to ruin his career, more old time liberals - like Bill Maher - balked.  

Even those who disagreed with him point by point still said they respected his right to speak in a private setting among those who shared his beliefs.  Though the press tried to fish out students at the graduation who would experience PTSD for life because of what he said, they simply found nothing worth exploiting.  

By the end, it was his fellow Catholics and the most extreme left of Lenin 'abortion and group sex' leftists who kept the outrage going.  And among Catholics not just your typical Shea/Greydanus types.  Nice guy Mark Brumley zeroed in on the criticisms.  Even Amy Welbourne, whose writings I have admired for years, trounced.  Her piece was filled with so much contempt and condescension toward Butker, I would have believed Shea ghost wrote it for her.  

Oddly, the only thing the MSM went after was his statements on the worth of motherhood and the worth of fathers and masculinity.  Those do cut to the heart of the Left, I will admit.  Almost ignored was his dig at pride Month.  And it was mostly Catholics who got hung up on his statement about who killed Jesus. I suppose they forgot The Passion of the Christ firestorm when Jewish scholars and rabbis repeatedly appeared on the news to remind us that Jewish people never heard of Jesus.  All that Sanhedrin Council and Judas Iscariot rubbish was made up by the antisemitic and racist church generations later.  

But the good news is, despite extreme leftists' and his fellow Catholics' efforts to the contrary, many felt the fanatical zealots overstepped the mark.  They overplayed their hand.  In the end, most Americans, Christians, liberals and even those who disagreed with his beliefs, still upheld his right to express them. 

Now we have a journalist who went undercover with SCOTUS justices Alito and Roberts.  Posing as a conservative Christian, she interviewed them and then quickly released a 'heavily edited' (the words of the initial ABC report) version of the interviews.

First, the Liars for Jesus inquisition won't be able to say a thing.  Remember, led by Dawn Eden they made it clear that whatever evils and slaughter may happen, if someone lies to stop it, that becomes the only thing worth focusing on.  So they're out.  Heck, the interviews were so heavily edited that ABC announced it would not repeat the quotes.  

The amazing thing is that already there is pushback - and from the media as well as sane people.  In the discussion with Dan Abrams, George Stephanopoulos admitted that the questions were extremely leading.  That is, she didn't say 'what do you think about the divisions in our country', or 'what do you think would help our country?'  She actually based the premise of her question on the idea that the divisions were beyond repair, and asked Alito if it was obvious that only one side could win because there was no hope for reconciliation.

At that Alito said he wished there could be some way to live together, but it looked like there isn't much to hope for because there are strong opinions on both sides.  In other words, his answer was more balanced and open than her bating question.

Same with Justice Roberts.  She basically stated to him that we are clearly a Christian country, ain't we?  To which Justice Roberts responded that he had Jewish and Muslim friends who might disagree.  Again, she was more of a caricature of a rightwing Christian theocrat than most rightwing Christian theocrats.  And she acted a million times worse than the two justices she was trying to ensnare. 

It appears that is what bothers the press.  They don't care about undercover reporting.  Of course not.   But the fact that she was asking such leading questions moved the line beyond even entrapment.  And then, armed with the justices' moderate and understated answers, she rushed to social media with massively redacted recordings to suggest these men are compromising their roles as SCOTUS justices!  At first, some media outlets ran with it, asking if they should recuse themselves from the practice of law henceforth. 

But I've noticed over the last week or so, that has gone the way of the dodo.  More stories began to express concern.  Like this follow up report from NPR.  Not only could this have the effect of causing the Supreme Court to become more hush-hush, but there is also a growing creepy factor in all this. 

And that creepy factor is beginning to spread.  Somewhere, when added to going after the spouses of various individuals (like Alito's wife), Harrison Butker's personal beliefs in a private setting, and now the personal views of these justices, it does look like there are some leftists saying you will have no rights or freedoms at all in this country - even at your own home.  Your one freedom is to bow and grovel before the Political Left. And if you say something around the dinner table or at a private setting that dares challenge leftwing dogma, we will get you. 

Never admit you want a communist flavored totalitarian terror state until you have absolute control.  That is the lesson from the sum of the mistakes we have been seeing these last few weeks. 

Though this was brought to my attention as I finish this post.  There will come a time when I stop supporting the NAACP.  I never had an issue with them. They do their thing.  But if they push this 'white ancestors must be erased' movement, without going back to Africa and erasing its rather robust trading in slavery - including at times white slaves - then I'll happily kiss them goodbye.  I will not continue milquetoasting it with groups or individuals who want to attack my 1) Faith, 2) People (Anglo-European/Native American), 3) Country, and 4) cherished values.  The time for wimpy sissy-groveling is past if anyone cares about protecting such things. 


  1. https://www.foxnews.com/us/virginia-school-board-sued-reinstating-confederate-leaders-names-two-public-high-schools

  2. About the NAACP. Twenty years ago, they hired a retired Verizon executive named Bruce Gordon to be their executive director. Mr. Gordon resigned two years later in frustration. His plan had been to reconstruct the agency's program emphasizing social work programs, rather like the National Urban League. He got a lot of resistance from the board. He also discovered that the president of the board, one Julian Bond, fancied he was in charge of the organizational staff. Mr. Gordon thought it rich the he as an accomplished businessman should have to take orders from a no-account.
    After Mr. Gordon leaves, the board announces their next initiative will be 'a federal hate crimes bill'.
    Attacking Confederate monuments is a species of trash talk. They have nothing better to do.

    1. Yes, I fear it is going to become part of the 'let's not build together, let's tear them down' part of the broader leftwing coalition. How long that coalition lasts, I can't guess. But it's there.

  3. I am old enough to remember the INTENSE arguments and freaking out that went on all over the Internet back when the Patriot Act was first written and there was panic that the government would be able to see your library check outs! This was particularly a big deal among Leftists.

    Now the other day I saw Leftists all freaking out that likes were hidden on twitter. I'm old enough now to realize they never cared about privacy, they just wanted to be the ones in charge of violating yours.

  4. I'm not particularly a purist when it comes to listening to peoples' ideas vs. comparing their personal lives, but Amy Welbourne has always been at the top of my potential "who you crappin?'" list. It does not surprise me that there appears to be latent feminist sensibilities there that must interpret a young man's speech, given not to us but to those grads in a particular setting, in the worst possible light.

    1. I've said before that the superpower of feminism has been to always allow a potential 'us versus the guys' reaction among women, no matter how otherwise they rate as rightwing, fundamentalist, pro-life Baptist. Be in the middle of a conservative Bible study and say the wrong thing, and suddenly you're facing a room full of Gloria Steinems. Now I've followed Amy for years, and while not always agreeing, and knowing she could at times be a bit sharp in her criticisms, her post against Butker stunned me. It just oozed with condescension and a snobbish contempt for him that wasn't like her. But then, again, radical extremists on the Left and Catholic in general made up the bulk of those attacking him. Which I found extremely telling.


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