Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Some Buckeye politics for the day

Not a state for radicals and extremists
So Bernie Moreno, the senate candidate endorsed by former president Donald Trump, won the primary.  OK.  He's going up against Sherrod Brown.  Senator Brown has been serving in elected positions since I got a "Desert Fox" playset for my birthday in fourth grade.  Now I'm waiting for my first grandchild, and he's still there. 

That's the first thing that could topple him.  The fact that Americans are growing a bit impatient with the super lifer pols who never go away.  

The second thing that could topple him is being linked to the economy.  At least if it shows all the improvement it has shown for the last two years.  Across the state, bond issues and tax hikes fell to the ballot, largely because of timing.  Who is going to vote 'yes' for more taxes when groceries are barely affordable?  

I know.  The press has spent the last year pouring a ton of manure on the economic news in the hopes that something beautiful will grow.  But people won't believe that things are looking hopeful when for almost two years they can barely afford to live.  So all of those municipalities and school districts who thought this was a grand time to raise taxes learned a lesson about reality versus media narratives. 

If Sherrod Brown falls, it might be because of the economy and his link as a Democrat.  The sad part of him is that he still falls along party lines.  And like the Democratic Party, he will not call out anything left of center no matter how bat-crazy radical.  He doesn't make a big stink about it.  He's not mister fanatic with a bullhorn, cheering the transactivists fanatics or celebrating the eradication of Columbus statues.  But he doesn't speak out against them either. 

That's why most Republicans, even those who do respect Brown as an old timer politician, aren't going to vote for him.  As a politician, he's pretty much traditional 'what Ohioans want'.  He keeps his feet close to the ground.  He's the guy who goes around and actually talks with people at the local diner.  He works to accomplish the best for his charge.  He reaches across party lines.

He has worked with Senator JD Vance since Vance came into office.  When the train derailed in East Palestine, Brown and Vance acted like they were in a buddy movie. They called out the railroads, the State and the White House for their responses or lack thereof.  

Heck, when my oldest was in high school, he sent an email to Senator Brown over some issue of the day.  I can't remember the topic in question.  But he responded with a hand typed message to my son.  A US Senator took time out to answer a teenager directly.  It was respectful, it was thoughtful, and it made an impression.  That's why he's generally liked in a state that usually isn't too radical and tends to gravitate toward a more moderate tone.  

Bernie Moreno, who until recently was pretty liberal about more than one issue, suddenly insists he's seen the light.  It's  mostly good old conservatism most of the way.  But his main campaign slogan was basically 'I'll obey Trump'.  Matt Dolan was, as far as I know, the only one of the three GOP candidates to poll ahead of Senator Brown in the polls, showing that Brown is vulnerable.  

Why Donald Trump didn't support the one who was able to poll ahead of Brown is pretty easy to figure. Dolan has criticized Trump.  And by now we know the routine. Obedience to Trump is a major priority for Trump, and he would rather loose at the ballot box than see someone who might not always agree with him take the seat.  If we end up with yet another term for longstanding Sherrod Brown, that will be a big reason.  


  1. The GOP is altogether useless. Our local GOP, when Columbus began erasing Columbus, vowed to swing in, grab the statues being taken down, and put them up in secure places that would keep them in the public eye. Four years later and still nothing. I've contacted the offices and asked about those Christopher Columbus statues that were supposed to be saved, and have yet to get more than a 'we'll gladly pay you on Tuesday' response. They're that useless in most things. The only thing they harp on about is the economy and posting childish memes attacking Democrats. As I've said before, relying on the GOP to save the country is like relying on an accordion while you storm the beaches.

  2. I've been a Republican since the first time I voted and that was for Nixon. I changed to Independent at the beginning of Obama's first term. I had had enough of the gutless GOP unwilling to say anything TOO bad about Obama because he was black. They let him slide along without being too critical and I was sickened by their inaction. We do have a uni-party in this country now. I believe most of the GOP will try to put up a false combative front to the Dems just to make it look good not meaning a friggen thing they say. I refuse to even consider a candidate the GOP wants me to vote for. They do NOT tell me who to vote for. Dole was a GOP darling, Romney was a GOP darling as was Jeb Bush. They never saw my vote. I will vote for whom I think is best for this country even if that means Trump. My neighbor who says is conservative will vote for Biden. Why? Because he hates Trump. I asked why he hates Trump and he blubbered his response. They've told to hate Trump over and over again and now they do. They don't know why but they do. The GOP have brought this on on themselves. Let them get out of it. I'm not helping them.

  3. Yep, they hate Trump because he said crude things and cheated on his wives.

    Doesn't matter that JFK cheated on Jackie. Doesn't matter that LBJ said crude things.
    Lots of people cheat and say crude things. What has that to do with policy?

    The infamous Access Hollywood excerpt, about 'grabbing p*ss*' is constantly misinterpreted as a confession of sexual misbehavior. And maybe it was. Trump was merely observing what all we flower children learned back in the day, that if you are a rock star you can have your way with any of your screaming female fans. And isn't a rock star engaged in an orgy with one or more groupies 'sexual misbehavior'?

  4. David, technically they loved Trump despite the fact that he said crude things and they figured he cheated on his wives. Was a time when Hollywood hotshots and liberal Democrats couldn't wait to party with the guy, visit him, golf with him, and ask him for handouts. He became the typical misogynistic psycho Nazi when he became a Republican. As Jonah Goldberg (no Trump fan) rightly observed in 2016 - it was boy who cried wolf plain and simple. After decades of liberals tarnishing anyone right of center as a racist, Nazi, sexist, phobic-bigot, moron, Jew hating fascist, it was difficult to insist this time they were telling the truth.


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