Friday, March 15, 2024

Just admit it

Obviously a badge of honor

Abortion has become the source and summit of modern liberalism.  It is the one sacred issue behind which all other issues and priorities can be placed.  Racism has its place.  Sexism is usually important.  Opposing sexual violence is more often than not important.  The border?  Eh. Climate change as good as always.  But abortion?  Apart from complete fealty to all things LGBTQ, I'm at pains to think of anything more important, more cherished, or more emphasized among the Left than legalized abortion. 

This is not hyperbole on my part.  It is, if anything, a restrained observation of just how much passion, zeal, and focus is prioritized among the Left for defending legal abortion to the exclusion of almost any other issue.  It's the ace in the hole that could, by liberal pols' and pundits' own admission, save the day in November. Whatever else is happening in the world, whatever suffering or misery, they are betting that liberals will turn out for Biden over abortion rights if for no other reason.  Again, something they point out almost gleefully. 

The New Pro-Life Catholics who swept abortion under the rug as an unfortunate, but completely understandable, result of everything from patriarchal conservatism to capitalist corruption are going to have to admit to this.  For years they have insisted that nobody wants an abortion, nobody is 'pro-abortion', Democrats have other priorities, they merely maintain, as a sort of last ditch necessity, the right to abort pregnancies by the tens of millions. 

Now we have the party that is willing to promote abortion and everything to do with it in a way that would make P.T. Barnum blush.  And beyond that, the growing 'I'd proudly abort a million pregnancies because I can' testimonies are becoming all too common in pro-abortion advocacy.

You can just see the agony and regret on their faces

The slick sleight of hand by New Pro-Life Catholics was that they took a caricature of those who insisted abortion was a non-negotiable and used that to altogether avoid confronting the Left's emerging abortionphilia.  That was at a time when they could still lean on 'safe and rare is all we want.'  But that, like the age of sanity and virtue, has long since passed.  So 'New Pro-Life Catholics' who hang on the 'nobody is promoting abortion' label had best be honest.  For siding with the movement dedicated above most things to aborting undesirables on an industrial level is bad enough.  But lying in order to justify it?  That would give a whole new spin on the old 'Liars for Jesus' kerfuffle.  

We won't get into this being one of the top issues for our most Catholic president. The growing notion that Vatican II means never having to care about Catholic teaching is for another post. 

Catholics who insist liberals drive down abortion numbers might want to consider context

And they have built the high places of Baalim, to burn their children with fire for a holocaust to Baalim: which I did not command, nor speak of, neither did it once come into my mind.  Jeremiah 19.5


  1. The head Knight of Columbus at my parish, a nice 80 year old man, is so thoroughly Democrat he told me once that he believed in abortion because “no 20 year old should be stuck with a deadbeat’s kid.” I was so shocked my response was pretty much a fumbling “but there’s adoption...”. I regret not saying: THOU SHALT NOT KILL??? Any defense for abortion is just gross.

    1. Years ago, when I worked with one of the flagship Baptists churches while in seminary, I was in the Sunday School class taught by the pastor. I liked him. He was comical. He made good points. But also very liberal. I believe he eventually went with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. But once in class he brought up abortion. He had two young daughters. He said he didn't want them to have a baby and wreck their prospects in life. They had hopes and dreams and didn't need shackled to an unwanted kid. I was stunned. He didn't even pretend to make it about rape or such. He literally said that they had a right to live as they choose without being burdened by the consequences, even if it means aborting a preborn child. My regards for him dropped that day, and in the days later that I reflected on that. I guess at least he was honest. That is the main reason abortions happen after all.

    2. I've found many pro-lifers are fluid about abortion in certain situations but are firm in their defense of being against capital punishments. I have 2 questions for them.

      Why is an unborn child executed for his/her fathers' crime instead of the father?
      Why is an unborn child executed for his/her parents mistake? A mistake mind you. A MISTAKE in judgement.

    3. That's a good point. Though one problem they have is admitting to the fact that, more often than not, countries that move to abolish the death penalty either have, or at that moment move to legalize, abortion rights. As if the death penalty represents one approach to what and how regarding human life, and abortion another. And it just seems no matter what they say, those who say 'all pro-life' seem to waver on opposing abortion before the death penalty.

    4. "...seem to waver on opposing abortion before the death penalty."

      Because in an abortion you have no witnesses to the execution as you would have to an execution of a convict.

    5. That's true. I've often thought it's because the Left embraces the two fundamental truths of today, that there is nothing beyond this life more important than this life, and there is nothing more important in this life than me. Opposition to war or the death penalty fit into 'what could take my life from me', while abortion, euthanasia, even assisted suicide fall under 'what can eliminate things that get in my way.'

    6. I remember in the 60's during Viet Nam war the rallying cry for the leftist was 'Make Love Not War'. They would say killing is against 5th commandment that though shalt not kill but you never heard them say that making love as in fornication and adultery was against the 6th commandment.

    7. Picking and choosing the commandment of the day is not uncommon, since quite frankly, a large number of 'liberals' don't really believe it anyway. Once you think it didn't really happen, choosing when to care is no more grievous than deciding a new novel is now your favorite novel.

  2. It is quite apparent that the demon Moloch, who required the first born of the Caananites to be burned in a 'sacrificial' fire, is stlll with us and has possessed the LeftProgs.

    1. I recall that same observation being made decades ago while I was still in ministry. Back then, most abortion advocates were of the 'it's a crying horrible shame, but sometimes (apparently tens of millions of times) it sadly has to happen.' Today, the 'I'm thrilled I aborted by baby' development has to be addressed by liberal Christians. At least they should condemn it outright, even if it doesn't change their leanings. Their silence (but then, their silence about sex changes on minors or the leftwing celebration of Hamas) is more than telling.

    2. Gays: We just want to be left alone, live in peace and live our lives quietly.

      Gays: We are married and you have to accept our marriage and bake us a cake or we'll sue you. Oh, and we're coming after your children.

      Abortionists: There are too many self inflicted back alley abortions. Women are dying. They need our compassion.

      Abortionists: We need to make abortion safe, legal and rare.

      Abortionist: We need a constitutional amendment that guarantees the right to kill my baby and make it part of our healthcare system and I want you to pay for it!!.

      Never believe a leftist. It never stops for them. It's not a slippery slope. It's a sheer drop off a cliff. They know what they want and begin by putting their foot in the door. Then comes the battering ram.

    3. I've often said if I had a nickel for every time in my life I've heard liberal activists do what previous liberal activists insist would never be done, I could afford to by Twitter. The only difference is that in recent years, there is no need to wait the obligatory generation or two. They can literally say in one year that nobody is performing sex changes on minors, and a year later attack anyone who wants to stop them from performing sex changes on minors. That's how much power the Left now has. When you don't have to hide it anymore, it's because you already have it.

  3. Replies
    1. Well, a couple things. Let's face it, rock is founded on encouraging kids to be sexed up, drugged up narcissists. Keeping abortion out there is just good business. Plus,, rock is also supposed to be rebellious. Just what can you rebel against today? Yes, some - think most superstars today - act more like thralls of the establishment than rebels (but just how rebellious were those old time rebel rockers in the day I wonder?). But how to you rebel today, apart from dressing respectfully and reading a Bible on stage?


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