Friday, March 22, 2024

How old am I?

I'm old enough to remember when Democrats wore as a badge of honor the fact that they raised less money than Republicans.  My ethics professor, the late and great Glen Stassen, used to make plenty of hay out of that fact.  I recall a sociology professor in my undergrad days at OSU who also hammered the fact that the Democrats were the 'people's pols'.  This was demonstrated by the constant falling behind in funds when it came to election time. 

But we all know the Left's biggest trump card - changeable principles!  Here today, gone later today.  It might be the eternal scientific God-truth now, but wait five minutes when it is no longer convenient.  

The same is true for a politician's age.  Growing up in the Reagan/Bush years, the Left pounded, and pounded, and pounded the pulpit over the superiority of youth versus old people.  Old was backwards.  Old was history.  Old was the past.  Youth - like Bill Clinton - was the future, was hope, was cool.  And they didn't hold back in their attacks on those old time [GOP] politicians.  At the slightest stumble - like President Bush (Senior) misstating the attack on Pearl Harbor as December 7, 1981 -  they pounced and mauled and pounced some more.

But again, that's so yesterday's eternal principles.  Today?  Why, what kind of a horrible person are you to question a politician's age?  How dare you.  Unless, of course, Trump stumbles.  Then it makes the news and we should question his age. 

It's tough to play against a team  that wears jerseys saying 'We Heart Cheating.'  It's worse when the officials make it clear they're on that team's side.  And when the sport's commissioner  openly endorses that team, cheating and all, there's not much point.  

That's where those who challenge the modern Left find themselves.  The various organs for the Left don't even pretend anymore.  With nauseating smugness, they almost dare us to do anything about it.  Worst single day slaughter of Jews since the Holocaust?  Sorry, doesn't help the cause.  Go ahead and try to make something of it.  We'll be back when another high school football team uses the word Nazi for a blitz play.  Then it will be the holocaust all over again, and you'll agree or be a Nazi yourself. 

In the video for Land of Confusion, a senile Reagan in a nursing home accidently hits the nuke button. Standard stuff back then. 


  1. Have I ever posted this here before? This post made SO much sense to me after I watched people I never thought would go crazy go more than a little crazy over things like Covid policies, BLM rhetoric, unproven indigenous grave "finds"....
    We have a nation of highly schooled people just smart enough to know how something will hurt them socially if they question the narrative, and just ambitious enough to find a way to rationalize cooperating with the lies. And, Heaven forbid, you find yourself outside the ark of social acceptability these days.

    1. It could be as easy as that old adage that great times produce great men. And we are the antithesis of great times. So we shouldn't be surprised that what we are producing is the antithesis of great men.


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