Friday, March 1, 2024

Orwell never went this far

The headline alone says it all:

Some states are trying to make sex binary?   You've got to be kidding me.  Go back twenty years and say that and you'd be met with blank stares from everyone in the room.  This shows the speed with which we're sinking and sinking fast.    

It's all about power and the removal of the Christian Western tradition.  Pick almost anything assumed to be true, and throw it on its head. It can be as ludicrous as you want.  Right now, go through the Mental Health industry.  Because despite statistics to the contrary, we're convinced the MHI is infallible and can do no wrong and solve all of our problems.  If it says C-A-T spells dog, then by golly it's true.  The press will approve this message.

At the end of the day, this is telling us that O'Brien was holding up five fingers.  Because four fingers is really five.  The MHI says so, the press affirms it, and you had best get with the act or else.  When your society has reached that level, it's no longer case of when will it collapse, but when did it collapse. 

UPDATE:  In keeping with the press as the machine of lies and exploitation, I was shown this.  It's about a young person dragged into the madness of post-gender reality, and who has died.  Before the death, there was a fight. in school  In the 'oppressed is always good and can do no wrong/oppressor is always evil and can do no right' template, there is not even an attempt to ask who might have started it.  Transgender = oppressed = always good = can do no wrong.   That's all we need to know. 

But the part that gets me is that the media has been trying to squeeze what exploitation it can from this, with the usual activists and lawyers jumping on board.  Yet the only thing we know about the death at this point is from the preliminary autopsy here:

The latest police statement says preliminary autopsy information indicates that the teenager "did not die as a result of trauma".

So the only thing that has been said is that the death was possibly not due to trauma.  It reminds me of that ABC story that shocked the world and then was swept under the carpet. You know.  The one involving Matthew Shepard that admitted one of the men accused of killing him was, in fact, part of the LGBTQ community.  That is, it wasn't a "hate crime."  Yet it was the main impetus for ramrodding the - then - controversial notion of 'hate crimes' and 'hate speech' into our social order.  

I wonder what really happened with this poor youngster swept up in our modem age of expedient insanity.  I doubt we'll ever know.  I do know that our media is now to the point of literally letting us know it is promoting BS and lies and doesn't even care.  At least it could have left the part about it possibly not being due to the trauma out of the story.  That it knows it can put it right there in front of us, and then proceed to push the agenda based on BS, shows where we've gotten to, and just how crazy things have become. 


  1. Listening to the news would make you would think that half the country or more is gender fluid and that we who deny it are hateful people who would deny the existence these lives. I personally do not believe one whit of all that is told to us about so-called transgenderism, so-called because there is no such thing. It is gender dysphoria, a mental illness where the persons brain denies the objectivity of the body namely it's sex.

    Remember when there was supposedly a culture of college rape a few years back ? Every girl in colleges and universities were at high risk everyday. We were told this over and over by the media. We even had a girl who walked around campus with a friggin mattress to make people aware of this. It wasn't true. Where is that rape culture now? No where to be found because it never existed. Am I saying that sexual offenses do not or did not happen? No I'm not, but it did not have the prevalence that the media was pushing. Not even close.

    It's exactly the same thing with this gender crap. It's a very small minority who are 1.) being lied to by those who should know better for who knows why, 2) mentally ill and in need of psychotherapy but are being denied the help by those who prefer to deny the existence of this illness and that we just need to accept multi-genders as fact and 3.) being pushed into body mutilation telling them it will fix everything that is wrong with them...for a small fee of course.

    We are not inundated with 'transexuals'. It's a lie. A big lie to destroy the family unit. Those who believe what the media shovels out work themselves into a tizzy. Ask around your little circle of friends. How many of these trans do they know personally? How many trans do your friends know? And their friends and so on. It is made to look prevalent to keep people off balance. This country IS of balance because of lies like trans being pushed by people who should know better and the false prophet, the media.

    1. What's that old saying? The press can't tell you what to think but it can tell you what to think about. Though I would say worse than the press making mountains out of molehills in stories like this, is it ignoring or downplaying suffering, misery and death when it doesn't fit the narrative. After all, why is it we're not treated to a nationwide media rallying cry for our economy to be fixed due to so many Americans suffering under the staggering cost of living? Because a liberal Democrat is in the White House, that's why. If this was Trump the nightly news would be like watching a Dicken's movie. That, I think, is the great evil of our time. Concern for human suffering - but only when convenient. Humans as ideological commodities, in keeping with the gist of Pope Francis.

    2. Like keeping a nightly body count of soldiers fighting under a Republican president and then all military deaths disappear under a Democrat president.

    3. Oh the list goes on. It does it without even thinking I feel. Consider the slaughter of Israeli Jews on October 7th. A month before that, the press reported on a high school football coach being fired because his team used the word 'Nazi' for a blitz play call (originally the story said the players attacked Jewish students in the other school, but the only thing I heard later was the word use). Yet 1400 Israeli Jews are murdered, and within weeks it was swept under the carpet. When was the last time we heard about that? I went an entire week listening to reports on the anniversary of the Charlottesville Unite the Right protest. And yet the worst single day slaughter of Jews since the Holocaust? It isn't convenient so it's ignored. Again, one of the grave evils of our age.

    4. The line between good and evil is clear to see today for those who have eyes to see. There is no longer any hiding of evil. It is bold, in your face and no longer any shame attributed to supporting evil. It's been said before and I'll say it again. Evil is now looked upon as good and good as evil. We have a clear line of demarcation and I'm afraid we are now in the process of lining up our ducks in a row waiting...for something to happen. And it will. We need to be very very sure of which side of the line we are standing for we will no longer have an excuse if standing on the wrong side. We have only one anchor on which to attach ourselves to and it ain't world.

    5. Note too that when the most prominent rape cases were shown to be complete fabrications, the media never apologized. Instead most of them said that even if those particular cases were frauds, it was still good to report on them because it "raised awareness" about all the rest of the rape culture on campuses.

      Gell-Mann amnesia is not only a real phenomenon, but one that has been intentionally weaponized by the media.


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