Saturday, June 24, 2023

The growing importance of our half of the year

Several years ago, during one of our family chats, we mentioned the idea of 'our half of the year.'  It was mostly a lark.  Just one of those silly things. But as things began unraveling fast over the ensuing years, and the calls to eradicate the West and its heritage and historical moorings grew, we started to reference the idea more and more. 

Some time later, I posted about the idea.  Even then we mostly just smiled when we said it, understanding the point, but not really taking it seriously.  Until the last couple years. 

Now we're seeing transgender activists declare from the rooftops that we absolutely should perform sex change surgencies on minors down to 14 years old for now.  And, as a bonus, activists are becoming loud about telling parents to step aside and let state actors alone guide the kids in these decisions.  Quite a departure from only a year or so ago. Which is the warning sign.  When things don't appear able to be stopped, and lies can be lied in shorter amounts of time, your nation is on a bad trajectory. 

For instance, pride month this year has been nauseating.  On the morning news channel we watch while getting ready, in one half hour section of the broadcast, there were no fewer than five stories about something LGBTQ, including two dealing with the horror and terror of the growing ant-LGTBQ hate attacks. One other was a sort of focus feature on a Trans activist, and two were promoting various 'Pride' events in the area.  Except for the obligatory Trump, Jan 6 and Weather stories, nothing else was mentioned in that top half hour. 

And as John C Wright correctly notices, we're past the point where the Left feels obliged to defend itself or explain its viewpoints.  It simply declares the next truth and turns the media out as some digital secret police to attack, besmirch, malign and in any way discredit anyone who dissents.  Thus we have here, where a press outlet unironically posts an editorial about blacks outraged over seeing white people on Juneteenth banners.  Something Deacon Steven Greydanus actually defends here

Which is why, come tomorrow on June 25th, we claim the rest of the year as our own.  The first half of the year is the half with months dedicated to topics allowing the infinite hashing and trashing of virtually everything that came from west of the Urals.  Not that those months have to be used that way.  But over the years they have become used that way more and more.  So far, that's not the case for months in the second half of the year. 

The 25th is chosen because it is 6 months until Christmas which, thanks to Madison Avenue and Wall Street, is still a thing.  Oh, it has virtually nothing to do with the Christian holiday, and a large swath of Americans say this is a good thing.  Heck, there are plenty of Christians, including Catholics, who appear glad the whole Jesus thing has been relegated to a Church service on Sunday but removed from the greater national stage. 

Still, for us the anchoring events and seasons are still there in this second half of the year.  Our third son's birthday is first, coming only days after the 25th.  Then Independence Day, which is, so far, still a thing.  Then our youngest son's birthday and the anniversary of the moon landings later in the month.  Then August, the dog days, and our second son's birthday.  Labor day kicks off school and the 'Fall' season - still a favorite.  Though at this point we don't do all we used to, it's still a season that seems to tweak nostalgia and memories for bygone days.  October is Halloween month, though we've diminished all the gaudy from years gone by.  Preferring a more harvest/rural approach.  Our oldest has his birthday (so did my late grandmother and so does my childhood best friend) then as well.  We also use Columbus Day to remember and celebrate our past. November is Veteran's day and Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is still a thing despite growing activist calls to eradicate it.  Wall Street is busy fumbling about trying to divorce Thanksgiving from the holiday shopping season kick off.  When it finally does, expect Thanksgiving to go the way of Columbus Day. Of course after that is Christmas, and Catholic though we are, we celebrate the weeks leading up to it, combining it with advent, until we reach Christmas proper.  Then to the best of our abilities it's as many of the Twelve Days as possible, which stretch over my mom's birthday in early January.  

Then it's back to the post-Western half of the year.  There are plenty of celebrations there as well.  Birthdays, anniversaries, holy days and of course Easter.  Father's day is the last of the big days in the first half of the year.  But again, it is during the first half of the year, like we've seen this year, we are increasingly inundated with anti-American, anti-Western, anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-male, anti-reason, and anti-virtue movements quickly seizing control of our nation.   

It's a bit like sitting in the Michigan section at an Ohio State football game.  You might be able to root for the team, but the other fans will sometimes drown you out.  Of course even when you are in the Ohio section, you'll have your dissenters, just as we will through the rest of the year.  But at least they are the minority voice.  As of now.  

And that's how we see the importance of the second half of the year more and more with each passing year. 


  1. I love this perspective!

    1. Yeah, it's grown on us too. It was a tossed off statement years ago, comparing the first half to that OSU/Michigan stands reference. But as the months have become more overt in tools for advancing the post-Western agenda, we've come to love the second half all the more. Again, not that you don't have the encroachment, but it is still a little more like being in the stands with your fellow fans, even if their are some dissenters, rather than being completely surrounded by the other team's fans.


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