Thursday, June 1, 2023

Busy time

This week, and likely next week, will be busy, busy, busy.  Our youngest fell a bit behind in homsechool owing to all the big events this last spring.  We must focus on that right now.  

I'm heartened to see several Christian movements are trying to put a positive Christ focus on the month of Pride.  A month dedicated to what most ancients understood to be a toxic trait is about as symbolic of our modern society as one can imagine.  Nonetheless, offering positive alternatives isn't a bad thing.  Keeping focused, faithful and fearless will be the name of the game.

On a quick aside, some years go when discussing things with the family, we began to talk about 'our half of the year.'  A couple years later, I posted on it, before the rise of the Covid era crazy.  Now we've honed it a bit, with June 25th (6 months before Christmas) becoming the official turning point.  Our third oldest's birthday is right after, and that's when we plunge into the festivities. 

Yes, I get that the Left will continue to attack, chisel away, and generally try to upend anything from beginning to the end of the year.  I also get that we have plenty of great celebrations and traditions in the first half of the year.  

But the template remains, and has become more entrenched in our minds over the last couple years.  Just food for thought as we enter day one of June.  It's getting crazy out there, but if we remain grounded and build our houses on the Rock, we will endure.  Food for thought until I get back to things.

The choice is ours

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