Thursday, June 8, 2023

Sam Rocha gives a shout out to Karl Marx

And pulls a trick I've never been fond of:

I found my way to his Twitter thread, and then went to the comments section of the article in question.  Unless there is some other forum he's referencing, I saw nobody suggesting Karl Marx was alive in the 20th Century. Catholic or otherwise.  Nor have I ever heard anyone say such a thing.   I did find some commenters supporting Sam who posted goofy things. But I found nobody suggesting Marx was alive in the 20th Century.  If you say 'these people seem to think', then show some quotes and let us make the call.  

In any event, all of this might suggest that Sam, like more and more on the Left, is prepping to come clean about his views on Marxism, if not full blown Communism.  He would hardly be alone.  The last decade or so has seen a growing number of pundits, journalists, news outlets, activists and others extoling the virtues of Marx, Marxism, Communism and Communist states.  

At least they're letting us know what we're up against.  If it ever becomes the default ruling ideology of America, the results won't be any different than they have been anywhere else.  Only this time there won't be an America to oppose it.  


I found that assessment of people who disagree with Sam rather telling.  IMO, it says more about Sam and how he views religion, than these people he references.  


  1. Ah yes Marx... one of the most evil men to ever live. Marx was an alcoholic who never washed. Boils covered his body, preventing him from sitting down

    He refused to work, and drove his family to destitution -- causing the deaths of his two sons from exposure and illness

    He raped his unpaid maid, and had Engels subsidize their illegitimate child

    He wrote poetry romanticizing the ingesting of poison -- the method by which two of his daughters would later commit suicide

    One of those daughters Marx disowned for marrying a Cuban man, who Marx insulted as ‘Negrillo’ and ‘The Gorilla’

    Marx was also explicitly genocidal -- calling for ‘revolutionary terror’, theft, and murder against the ill-defined 'bourgeoisie'

    He said ‘the next attempt of the French revolution’ should be so bloody that ‘beside [it] the French Revolution [would be] child’s play’

    He forecast a dictatorship would inevitably arise from this bloody revolution, and require absolute power to collectivize and redistribute property to achieve communism

    He idolized Mephistopheles from Faust, insisting that ‘Everything that exists deserves to perish.’

    No really. He absolutely loved Faust and loved to quote from Faust - especially the lines of Mephistopheles.

    But yet, do let's go on about how "catholic" and "christian" this man and his ideas were. A man who HATED Christianity and was a fan of the Devil.

    I think Sam Rocha is doing a bit of projection there about ignorance of Marx. The day Karl Marx is looked at with disgust and revulsion just as much as Adolf Hitler is the day justice will have finally been delivered to the guy.

    1. As a general rule, I notice those on the left are rather forgiving of those who stay loyal to the left. It's one of the perks - as long as you deliver. See all those leftwing players who failed to deliver the presidency to Hillary. Where are they now? It's easier finding Waldo than some of them.

    2. yeah I just wish I could understand what kind of mystique Marx had to make him essentially immune to all this. Dozens and dozens of reasons to reject him and throw him overboard and yet the left will keep making excuses for the guy or just ignoring. Meanwhile JK Rowling is a faithful leftist, and she hasn't even actually said anything, but they regularly get whipped into frenzies to try and cancel her. It's just baffling to me at times those who seem to get complete immunity from the Left revolution and those who get eaten by it.

    3. That's the amazing part. We sit back and watch the Left literally pick and choose which groups or individuals in its own ranks will be offered as sacrificial lambs, and yet they just can't seem to get enough of it. Again, like so many things we're seeing, it starts making what we saw in the last century make more sense.

  2. Some academicians are men of integrity and some play forensic games with people. Rocha's category two.

    1. One of his follow up tweets is this:

      "If overdetermined, zero-sum class antagonisms are wrong (and I think they are) then the Christian critic of them must, at the very least, work from an inter-religious, ecumenical, and humanistic ethic to avoid projecting their own overdetermined religious class antagonisms."

      Yeah, you're right on the money Art. Honest academics speak in a way that clarifies their thoughts, and nothing is clarified by this sort of language.

    2. He's hardly alone, nor is this necessarily new. I think it's more common for a couple reasons. One, many students see no value in their professors unless those professors toe the line. There's no real respect, just gladness if the professors affirm them as they demand. Second, those who expect some level of higher discourse are often shocked to see professors on social media today with the vocabulary of a hedgehog. So it might be that some nowadays feel they need to - overcompensate. The example you show there would certainly suggest something can explain it.

  3. And whosoever shall say to his brother, Rocha, shall be in danger of the council.

    1. He. Whatever one says, it's not difficult to see that his Twitter posts don't invite easy interaction.


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