Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Ethnic scrubbing

Is simply ethnic cleansing writ small.  John C. Wright has another absurd case in the growing 'can we get rid of the white people?' movement among the Left.  As Mr. Wright points out, a big part of this is to provoke a racist reaction.  Yes, the Left can label any reaction racist, and it will.  But the big game trophy is in finding someone who reacts in a legitimately racist way - hence reinforcing the narrative.  We call this a type of self-fulfilling prophecy. 

It reminds me of a story a week or two ago that white supremacy is on the rise in the US.  That was a couple weeks after a story on the same local channel in which some professor explained why it's absolutely fine when a university segregates based on skin color, or roles in movies are now decided based upon which skin colors to exclude (I think in reaction to the new Oscars requirements).  I'll leave you figure which skin colors were being discussed.

Of course very few speak out against this (see the charge of racism above), leaving young up and coming white Americans  more than clear about their future prospects.  Those who are white who push this racial discrimination usually sport gray hair with their own careers safely in the rear view mirrors. Or they are individuals in positions where they, or they assume their posterity, won't be the ones singled out for dismissal owing to their skin color.

All in all, nothing new.  Racism, contrary to popular narrative, is not a white person's sin, a conservative person's sin, a MAGA person's sin, a Western Civilization sin.  It's found where two or more people tend to gather.  And, as we see in front of our eyes, it has a universal appeal.  So universal that a form of racism unknown in the West - against whites - is now as common as Jim Crow was in the south a hundred years ago.  That racism was based on generations and even centuries of racist thinking.  Yet how fast has the current racism been embraced today?  And most institutions and national leaders (and religious leaders) stand by and let it happen - or join in.

With each passing day we have less and less reason to think we can judge previous generations.  After all, in doing so we are becoming the worst of those generations without the good.  A toxic combination. 


  1. On target once again, Dave. Alas, within the Church itself we have too many leaders and fellow travelers pushing the false narrative that racism is an ongoing huge problem and primarily the sin of white people. A misguided "friend" of yours who is a deacon and also writes movie reviews often promotes some of the leftist/woke agenda in too many of his offerings, and in Catholic World Report where he enjoys a significant platform to express his views, he has repeatedly chastised white people for not accepting the leftist/woke narrative that requires an "admission of guilt" for "ongoing systemic racism," "ongoing white privilege," "ongoing oppression," etc., and he also insists that white people must take actions advocated by the leftist/woke narrative as the only ways to combat the alleged "ongoing racism."

    Remarkably outrageous is the following statement that was published about a year ago in a Catholic World Report combox by the deacon in referencing a document from the USCCB that looks like it was written by the leaders of BLM to support his ideology:

    "'Open Wide Our Hearts' is very clear and explicit that racism is a 'life issue.' As long as White Catholics, including White clergy, continue to minimize and ignore important moral issues like racism, we will continue to have no credibility when we speak out about the crime of abortion.

    By the way, 'but abortion' is another deflection. ('We don't need to change. The world needs to change.')"

    Wow! What kind of a deacon really worth his salt would ever adopt and push a claim in Catholic World Report and elsewhere that asserts an obligation upon white Catholics and white clergy to prioritize and adopt the leftist/woke assessment and approach to racism, or they will have no credibility in speaking about the crime of abortion? This is an even more egregious form of Bernardin's seamless garment rubbish that also tries to diminish speaking out against abortion by imposing despicable would-be requirements in order to legitimately do such speaking out.

    In short, this is flat out disgusting and amounts to this:

    White Catholics, including white clergy: either talk out more and do more about racism from the leftist/woke narrative or Shut Up about Abortion. Moreover, anyone who speaks out about the problem of abortion in the black community is simply doing so to dodge coming to grips with the ongoing racism that white Catholics minimize and ignore.

    Alas, so long as we have Bishops, Priests, Deacons, Nuns, and their fellow travelers ignorantly but increasingly insisting that racism is still a major problem with white people still the greatest offenders, there will be more and more bigotry and injustice exercised toward white people under the guise of righting past wrongs declared to be still significantly harming black people today.

    1. Preemptive accusation is a hallmark of the modern Left. So is hypocrisy. I find it amusing that leftwing Catholics have rejected the idea that Abortion is the only issue we should care about (something I never really heard anyone say, they merely said it is one of the major atrocities of the day), and then make it clear abortion means nothing to them. As for the racism, that's tough to be honest. We let the narrative be that America is a racist nation, Americans are racist, whites are racists, and anyone who denies this is a racist. Therefore, under these assumptions, anything said that included these observations is off the hook, and anyone who challenges these assumptions is obviously a racist. So much so that various minority activists, along with white liberals, have added 'white fragility' and similar terms to demean anyone who dares disagree. Uncle Tom being as good as ever for non-whites who disagree. That Deacon Greydanus embraces such conclusions, even if he insists he rejects the premises behind them, just shows the lack of leadership we're seeing against the rise of so many evils in our society.


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