Friday, February 3, 2023




  1. Given the means, I absolutely would hit "like" on this.

    1. Yeah, I laughed at that because it's so true. Of all the calls I've made, sometimes to the same company several times over a few days, it's the same message.

    2. Suppose that during each 40-hr business week you receive zero calls the first hour of Monday, then one call an hour for each of the 39 remaining hours. You average 0.975 calls per hour, but for 39 of 40 hours, you have a higher volume of calls than average.

      That *IS* how averages work.

    3. Heh. Though I have a hard time believing every time I hear this message - which is every time I call a company - it's gone down that way. I have a feeling it's more about cutting staff and making it tougher on the customers - the way of the modern market I'm afraid.


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