Saturday, February 11, 2023

Uh oh

Looks like that ad campaign you might have seen, the "He Gets Us" campaign about Jesus, is going to show on the Superbowl.  CNN has the scoop here

What's the problem?  Apparently the donors and individuals behind the campaign might not be leftists, that's what.  It's a Jesus that might not be in full lockstep with the Left.  Sure, some of the ads have shown Jesus as an immigrant, an oppressed refugee, a women's rights activists, a social rebel, and that's all fine and good.

And the ad for the Superbowl might not even aim anywhere close to below the waistline or any such cherished avenue for the Left.  And yet, we find they might be evangelicals.  They might be conservative.  They might not think like those on  the left demand they think, especially about sex stuff.  

And we all know Christians are seen by so many as hypocritical, judgmental and discriminatory.  Says so right there in the article. That's unlike the good people complaining who obviously just want people to think the way they think or else.  

Yeah.  It's that nauseating.  In a world in which something called journalism existed, the naked hypocrisy displayed in the article, as well as the obvious lies about diversity and inclusion, would be front page news.  As it is, they can actually say with a straight face that they are merely against the hate that demonstrates itself by failing to conform to leftist tolerance.  

UPDATE:  In case you cared, here is some web news thing that talks of this - from a clearly anti-Christian perspective.  Some of the Twitter posts it chooses to display are funny,  but also telling.  


  1. I find these ads really superficial. I'd rather they just air Bible verses for thirty seconds.

    1. I'm not exactly a fan of the ads myself, or even that whole 'how to be relevant' attitude that always seems to suck air out of the Gospel message. But that's not what the CNN article was getting at. Once more, we have the side that pushed 'tolerance and let's all be free' now saying freedom is conformity or there's the door. And for some reason not only did Christians buy the con back in the day, but some continue to buy it today.

    2. It's from the "water is wet" category -- or, more appropriately, the "sewage is nasty" category. There's nothing new to learn, and it is best not to dwell on it.

      But I do the same thing. I thought the Church of England could no longer shock me, but within a period of about a week there was one story of them reporting a parishoner to police for the "hate crime" of speaking in favor of a Christian understanding of human sexuality and another story about them feeling that God the Father and God the Son should not be welcome in their "churches". People have asked whether Christians and Muslims worship the same God, which is a good question. We now have to ask whether Christians and Anglicans worship the same God.

    3. To a point. I think there is a balance between dwelling on it and trying to do something about it, though that ship may well have sailed.

      But you are correct. A traditional Jew, Muslim or Christian has far more in common than they do with modern secularist versions of the same. The problem is, traditionally there were non-negotiables that separated the three that those holding to those traditions can't easily set aside. While to embrace the modern left means simply embrace the modern left. Whether you do Jesus or Moses or Muhammed or are a flaming atheist, it matters not. The maypole is secular leftwing ideologies. As long as you dance around it, your fringe religious views are small beans and easily set aside for the greater cause.


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