Friday, July 1, 2022

Our very Catholic president continues to fight the fight for national abortion rights

This time by wanting to temporarily drop the filibuster rules in order to ram through federal legislation to guarantee the right to abortion keeps chugging along.  

By now the old euphemism 'pro-choice' or 'reproductive health' no longer apply.  This is 100% pro-abortion plain and simple.  It's a good thing the modern Catholic leadership no longer puts much stock in the first 2000 years version of Catholicism, or we'd have some big troubles right about now. 


  1. (Tom New Poster)
    When Harry Reid did that for judgeships it ended up as a great Republican tool for naming originalists to the Federal bench when Trump took over from Obama. With a likely "red tide" come November, Senate Democrats might want to think again.

    1. No matter how much headway the left makes culturally, politically they keep shooting themselves in the foot. I think they assume the same strides achieved through the media and pop culture and educational monopolies will allow them to get away with saying Republicans are stupid and evil and playing politics when they do what Democrats do. And while the culture can cover many things, it can't cover up the obvious. Hence the continued tendency of Democrats thinking they can change the rules when convenient and somehow the media corp. will keep people from seeing the obvious.

    2. (Tom New Poster)
      See, this is why I don't buy into the "grand conspiracy thing" so popular on some websites like "The Remnant": Reds under the bed, Masons in the wainscoting, etc. These leftists strike me as ego- and libido-driving bumblers. Their sins make them blind. How can blind men conspire? That's a recipe for chaos, not a "New World Order".


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