Friday, July 8, 2022

Busy, busy, busy!

The next few days and into next week are going to be pretty filled around here.  We're wrapping up the reporting for our youngest's homeschool.  He's homeschooled but, like his brothers, is enrolled in a Catholic private school that offers a high school diploma through their program.  The good from this is a classical education that results in an accredited diploma. The flip side is paperwork and reporting and recording on our part, since it has to be in line with their rather lofty standards.   Plus, we are getting all the registration in for the upcoming year.  His eighth.  Whew.  The years do fly. 

With this, along with the usual obligations, I'll be scarce until next week.  I do want to revisit the reactions to the Roe decision.  I at least want to offer a summation of what I noticed between the 'traditional' and the 'new whole life' Christians.  Something I noticed that, to me, was telling. 

But that's for next week.  If I have time I'll post, otherwise it will be next week for anything of substance.  Until then, God bless and TTFN. 


  1. (Tom New Poster)
    I just retired from 41 years in Catholic education (and the last eleven I taught 7-8 grades). The best prep for high school is to read challenging books and do a lot of writing of varied kinds: opinion, persuasive, compare-contrast, etc. Learn to footnote and edit! Especially edit!
    Good luck :)

    1. Thanks! One of the things we like about the school they're homeschooling through is that it uses a classical education approach. They don't read a textbook entry about the Peloponnesian War, they read Thucydides. That is worth its weight in gold, and he has already logged an impressive number of classics under his belt heading into grade number eight.


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