Friday, July 1, 2022

Bishop Barron responds to Roe


Yep. Succinct and true.  We allowed, if not encouraged, America's womenfolk to abort over 60 million pregnancies in the course of a few generations in order to sustain our modern sex and drugs culture. And we did this despite the rise of AIDS and tens of millions of lives otherwise lost or ruined to our unchecked debauchery.  Of course women were already aborting pregnancies before Roe, and those numbers had been increasing.  They increased pretty much in line with our post-war acceptance of a post-Christian era that would see whatever good lessons we tried to learn from WWII corrupted by the promise of a rampant narcissistic world.  A world where life ends when I say so, but my life never ends because everything is everyone else's fault.  A paganized message oddly embraced by no small number of Christians. 

Bishop Barron gets to the point, nonetheless, and reminds us of the horror we've lived through.  A horror that, unlike a Second World War, has been easily ignored by so many. And unlike the Second World War, where the world at least tried to learn a lesson or two, even now we're seeing millions fight to make sure we learn nothing at all from our abortion culture.  We're seeing them fight to keep piling on the bodies of aborted babies to sustain a cultural decadence that has piled on its own bodies by the tens of millions.  

They say the very existence of the Jewish people is proof of God's existence.  If that's the case, then the very fact that our post-Christian society still exists is more than ample proof of this God's longsuffering grace. 

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