Sunday, October 11, 2015

When Liberal Democrats say controversial things

Is about as often as when pigs fly.  Think of it.  Can you count three times in the last ten years that the media went 24/7 coverage about a 'controversial' statement made by liberal democrats?  I can't.  Why not?  Well obviously.  Duh.  It's propaganda, not news.  Still, think about it.  So Hillary Clinton supports jailing traditional Christians who haven't been saved by the Blood of the Left, or quitting their jobs and giving up their livelihoods.  Pretty controversial position for a potential president of these here United States of America, at least in my opinion.  And yet nobody has reported it as such.

But then, when President Obama said mass killings are routine, I could see that being controversial, too.  I could see, if I were a journalist, going out and finding the family member of a shooting victim who would say the death of their loved one wasn't routine.  And yet, not only was it not controversial, it has been lauded and celebrated by the same media who have deliberately misrepresented Ben Carson's statements and used them to continue a near week long campaign against the black man who dared to be popular among racists Republicans.  

Of course controversial is one of those media labels that are pretty subjective anyway.  After all, remember when the majority of Americans overwhelmingly opposed gay marriage, yet standing against gay marriage was always reported as 'Controversial'?  

Again, does anyone still believe the media?  About anything?  Anyone?  Anyone at all?  Bueller? 

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