Monday, October 12, 2015

Governor Jerry Brown legislates morality

If you're around my age, you'll remember a very popular, and oft repeated, mantra of the Left: You can't legislate morality!  Remember that?  It was right up there with 'You can't impose your values on others!'  And of course that oldie but goodie, 'You must open your mind and accept different viewpoints'.  Remember those?  Those were as loved and celebrated by the Left as guns and racism are by the Right.

And yet, once again proving that Animal Farm is perhaps the most prophetic book to be written in the last 2000 years, we have a proud member of the modern Left, holding office, and declaring certain expressions unacceptable and passing laws eradicating those expressions based upon a set of morals and values he has ever intention of imposing on the population.  Once again we see representatives of liberalism doing what they once insisted was the antithesis of liberal values.

See how the Left is becoming the very thing it once decried as symbolic of evil and intolerance?  Again, read Animal Farm.  Reread Animal Farm.  Report.

Oh, and if you argue 'yeah, Dave, but he allows Confederate building names!", just hold that thought.  The thing about progressive movements is that they are the slow creep.  Just like if we went back 30 years and I told you someday a presidential candidate would embrace the thought that a Christian should either abandon her livelihood or go to prison over endorsing homosexual marriage, you'd probably think I was daft.  See how it works?  Trust us, we'll never go that far!  If you believe that now, you, my friend, would have to be the one who is daft.

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