Sunday, October 11, 2015

How does the Left deal with the slaughter of babies?

Humor.  The Planned Parenthood video debacle continues to plague the Left.  It's done a great job brushing the story aside.  Using the old media trick of enforced silence spell, it's mostly as if it never happened.  When forced to confront the issue, some have argued that the videos are wrong, because, well, yeah.  CNN did point out that the baby parts were not - repeat, NOT! - sold for profit.  They were used for operating expenses!  Or there's nothing illegal in what Planned Parenthood is doing.  Or the videos were edited! So Liars!  

But even then, a society with soul and morals might still get a little squeamish about hacking up dead babies that were killed by a doctor to keep the electric bill paid.  Or killing them at all for that matter. So now the Left turns to its other arm of defense: the Entertainment Industry.  It will, of course, mock those concerned about murdered and hacked up babies.  It will try to mock the very issue itself.

I don't know if it will work.  Personally, I think the silent treatment was working better.  Perhaps focus on the evils of Christopher Columbus, or find some police brutality video (against African Americans gets you bonus points).  We can always keep focusing on the Civil Rights Movement.  Maybe find some GOP candidate who says something unprecedented in its awfulness.  That seems to be the better move.  But bringing it back into the light and hoping people can just have a good laugh over the whole slaughtered babies, especially because it reinforces our ability to have abortions for more noble things (like more active sex lives), might be hoping against the tide of goodness that might still flicker in the hearts of the dying West.

Remember, once something is funny, it ceases to be a big deal

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