Sunday, November 16, 2014

One of the reasons I keep going back to CAEI

TMLutas is a regular commenter.  In keeping with consistency, Mark Shea still opposes abortion and actual gay marriage.  Likewise, he opposes the recent attempts by the State to curtail the right to not support these things.  Most seem to agree, though some of his more liberal sympathetic readers come in to either defend the Leftist juggernaut, or at least to ponder if there is really any big deal.  Nonetheless, in typical awesome form, TMLutas comes in and says it straight.  For all its flaws, the religious peace that the Constitution established has lasted a good two hundred yeras or so.  Now we are in danger of seeing that peace shattered in the name of tolerance and diversity.  What will happen when it is ultimately ended?  Who knows?  But perhaps it's time to stop piddling around and act like this really is a grave assault on our first and most important right.

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