Thursday, November 6, 2014

Attention Republicans

Now do something.  Not something stupid.  And not something stupid like throwing your best hope under the bus.  And not something stupid like pandering to the small minority of Republican establishment types who prize wealth and wealth more than anything.  Reach out to a hurting country.  Know that you have a very hostile media and popular culture industry, and that the things many want you to stand for have been defined as vile and ignorant on a good day.  Deal with it and make those who want you to win proud. 


  1. My favorite cartoon about the election. I think I got that from Dave Price.

    Now here's the funny part. I've been looking at some reactions around the web and this:
    "And not something stupid like pandering to the small minority of ___" you can find EVERYWHERE with each side filling in the blank with someone else. It's rather... ironic. Social conservatives, libertarians, neo-cons, business oriented, etc etc are all apparently the people the republicans shouldn't listen to if you were to listen to everyone.

    Hmmm... I've got an idea for an article. Time to see if I can find someone to publish it!

  2. Yeah, everyone can see that. I'm sure throughout history, both sides of any conflict assumed it was the other side that was the baddie. So in WWII, the Axis Powers were pretty sure we were the problem. But I maintain that there is an objective wrong, and an objective stupid. Such as that radical minority that does make those who are conservative, capitalist, free market, patriotic and serious believer look bad. Those who would be interviewed on FOX telling us that sharing is bad, because if you have something, you make someone bleed to get it. That's the sort of thing that appeals to an ever shrinking demographic. Don't pander to them. Every group has its loonies. The trick is not doing what too much of the Left does, and either pander, or excuse.


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