Sunday, November 3, 2013

With respect to public prayer

And all other approaches to the First Amendment's religious liberty clause, America can go down one of two paths.  Either we can have a society that allows for all people of all faiths to openly express their religions through prayer and speech (including those who whose religious belief is atheism).  Or we can have a society that says you can't speak to the issue of religion or express your religion because it offends me, and we need to invoke The Censorship in the name of tolerance.  And that, also, would include atheists making any backhanded digs at religious thought in public places.  I'm all for let's accept the differences, since going the way of censorship, if the evolution of PC Thought Control is any indicator, will likely result in a nation devoid of any freedoms or liberties at all.  That certainly seems to be the trajectory of the last fifty years or so.  And I have no doubt there are those who wish for this, as long as it doesn't impact them.

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