Sunday, November 3, 2013

Enders Game and the end of liberalism

As I watch a CNN roundtable on Climate Change, featuring Mayor Bloomberg, I'm reminded that liberalism is more or less dead.  What we call 'liberal' is anything but.  This is a movement of tyranny and oppression, and like most of the revolutions of the grand enlightenment promise, it hands out meat and circuses in return for slaughter and the destruction of freedom and liberty.  As Mr. Bloomberg sings the praises of Communist China, and calls on America to get with the act and accept the gospel of MMGW (which includes beating Christian West into the dirt and raising a Leftist, Socialist ruling class), I can't help but see what's happening, and the tools, threats, scare tactics and promises wrapped around a thousand issues to advance the cause.  Climate Change is simply one of course.  PC (popular censorship) is another.  Bullying.  Smoking.  Big Guns.  Obesity.  You name it.  The arsenal from which the SL can draw in order to strip away all freedoms and liberties is unending. 

And it does so by gleefully and happily discarding all of those laughable notions of tolerance, diversity, open mindedness and respect for other opinions that 'liberalism' once celebrated.  A case in point is the upcoming film Enders Game.  I know nothing of the book, them move, or anyone other than Harrison Ford.   I've heard that Orson Scott Card, the book's author, has come under fire for his non-Leftist views.  I've also heard that he actually considers himself a liberal.  Sort of like the liberal I once considered myself until I sniffed around and began to notice a familiar stench to this liberal revolution, one that has been smelled before.

Here is an interview that was sent to me.  It's a lot about the book, movie and other things a fan might be interested in.  But it deals with his politics as well.   The takeaway quote is here:

I’m a little baffled by it because I’m a liberal and they’re not. They’re repressive, punishing, intolerant of the slightest variation, absolutely the opposite of what it means to be a liberal. But that’s the way it goes. 

Yes, that's the way it goes.  Those pigs who promise the world can't help but ending up looking just like the humans they once revolted against. 


  1. There's also...

    I should start a saying (or figure out if someone else said it): "They don't want the world to change, they just want to be the ones in charge." We must be ever careful that we ourselves don't become the tyrants we fight.

  2. Quote of the day:

    "As I’ve been saying a lot lately, behind every double standard is a single standard. It’s not that liberals hate name-calling, it’s that they hate the idea that they can’t have a monopoly on the practice."

  3. Liberals have taught me that all the things liberals used to say was evil is really OK, as long as it's liberals doing it. Like my boy says, why read Animal Farm when you can live it instead?


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