Saturday, November 16, 2013

A good news story if there ever was one

Is found in this story about a five year old boy who wanted to be Batman.  Read and enjoy.  If people were like this more of the time, imagine what the world would be.

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  1. Love that story.

    Actually that and stuff like this:

    Makes me think that maybe people are like that a lot, we're just not told. It could be either depressing or uplifting to imagine that the world we have IS because people are like that most of the time.

    I don't know but when I look back in the past and see how bad we all were back then... maybe it's not that bad. Maybe Jesus did a lot more than save our souls but also give us a way to "clean up around here". A similar idea is actually floated in the chapter on the Catholic church in Jonah Goldberg's "Tyranny of Cliches".

    As someone who's besetting sin is despair, it's something I try holding onto.


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