Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Full Rich Week Part III

Mandatory overtime continues, and takes a bite out of almost every aspect of life right now, up to and including blogging.  Nevertheless, as we stumble into November, I want to touch base with that great week we had celebrating our oldest's 18th birthday.  We left off with a cold, blustery day at the Ohio State vs. Iowa game.  The next day, it was up early and to the Renaissance Festival.  Because we had a little left over from our Williamsburg funds, we used it, along with some pretty hefty discounts, to go to the Ohio Renaissance Festival.  It's a big one, and apparently for those aficionados, one of the better.  The main entertainment is full armor jousting (there's actually a world wide sport of it now, I had no clue), the Swordsmen (Bold and Stupid Men), and of course the shopping and eating turkey legs (which wouldn't have been in Renaissance Europe).  There are other attractions, including a Maze, a walk through medieval torture devices (with heavy emphasis on religious chanting in the background), knife throwing, archery, axe throwing.  It's lighthearted and not overly educational.  Still, we've gone several times over the years, and it was a nice final touch on the week celebrating our oldest's step into adulthood.  We did more the next day, but that will be connected to the obligatory All Hallows post to come.  It was one of the most enjoyable days we've had in a year, so expect a flood of pics!

The biggest crowds come to watch the jousts
An action shot featuring two 'champion' jousters
It's real by the way, real lances and real danger.  A few years back, one jouster was badly injured
Larry, Curley and Moe try their hands at a mock-up crossbow
Our youngest gets into the act, a born marksman
Finally yours truly stepped up and showed those amateurs how to really miss a target
Renaissance Fairs aren't known for historical accuracy, but these fellows pulled off the Crusaders nicely.
Naturally our 8th grader jumped in for a photo op.
The three archers; I told him he wouldn't get far holding the bowstring like that.  I was right.
The ever-curious 8th grader, never hesitating to go up and ask questions about a hammer dulcimer
Time for the Swordsmen, where kids get to wave at the queen.  They are the celebrities of the festival.
Bold and Stupid Men!  Chestertonians would be proud.
Our Freshman slides down with our youngest after an annoyingly difficult run through the labyrinth.
There is no way this pic wouldn't be posted.  The oldest and the youngest.
Couldn't get the older two to ride the warhorses, but naturally our 8th grader jumped at the chance
Not only marksman, but a budding equestrian to boot!
Our youngest with his primary playmate play a weird 'throw the wooden frog on a floating water lily' game.
As fire eaters go, he was pretty impressive.
Sporting a real sword he bought, complete with peace string
No, it isn't a real sword.  Thank goodness.
It's a real sword too, and locked safely away for the future.
In his usual understated way, he opted for a dagger.  It fits him.
My lovely and ever suffering wife flanked by our two oldest.
The boys didn't ride this, but the operator made it worth the watch.
Thanks to our 8th grader's dauntlessness, a nice closing pic with the festival headliners.

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