Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Speaking of backbones

Looks like the top Catholic Bishop in England has put his stamp of approval on gay unions.  I know, he draws the line at marriage.  For now.  That's about where most left leaning Protestant denominations were a decade ago or so.  I can't help but notice that there is a trend among some Catholic clergy to more or less fall into lockstep with post-modern socialist left leaning European intelligentsia and cultural elites.  Not that everyone is, but there is just the whiff.  Take away abortion and 'life' issues, and it's getting harder and harder to separate a growing number of bishops and other leaders from their more secular European counterparts.  Don't know what it means, other than the Church has been known to follow the course of human events in the past (usually to disastrous results that later require unending apologies and repentance).  We'll see how this turns out, and just how much of a trend it happens to be. For now, it looks as though the good Bishop of merry old England is outside of the Vatican fold on this.  Time will tell if he is a fluke, or if there are growing numbers of Church leaders who want to make the Catholic Church just like Protestantism, only slower.

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