Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A note on my blog's intentions

It is my intention to have a blog where I kick around the things of the world, and reflect on what it means for our future. As a Catholic, I will naturally assume a Catholic solution for most problems. Where that works with other Christian denominations I'll keep it general. If it is particular to the Catholic tradition, I'll make the points accordingly. Sometimes I will stray to other things that interest me, particularly history and popular culture and the media.

I will respond to comments, but not always. I won't get in and beat up on folks, but will defend my values, beliefs, and Faith. I will, hopefully, have a forum where folks feel they can be honest without being shot to pieces, called names, or have their salvation called into question - even if they have no plans for a salvation at all. To that end, if we get into more meaty issues, I'll do what I did as a pastor: allow for various views, elaborate when I feel the need to respond, and let the conversation go between individuals - no matter what their viewpoints.

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