Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Does Oliver Stone Heart Hitler?

There's much buzz in the news world over Oliver Stone's recent remarks about Hitler, WWII, Stalin, and of course that real big, bad country America, and now his apology. Many are calling him anti-Semitic. Others anti-American. Well, there's so much in his quotes worth looking at that I want to take time to digest it all, work it through, and take each subject one at a time. I'll be back with the first thoughts when I've had a chance to sit and let it sink in. One thing I don't want to do if I can avoid it is simply jump in and start hurtling insults or accusations. It's true that what he said was incredible. But, I suspect, not for the reasons many are saying.

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  1. ok we will await what you have to say on this one. Personally I agree let it sink in and then look at facts etc. I reserve judgment until I know more.


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