Monday, June 11, 2018

Why Trump remains popular among his supporters

In this one picture:

Fact is, the Left has been pushing for a post-American, one global reality since the end of the Cold War.  Global markets, global unions, global corporations, global finances, global agencies - these were fast overtaking concerns some had for the well-being of their own nations and fellow citizens. 

During the 2016 election, when everyone - including yours truly - assumed a Clinton victory, more than one progressive pundit or post-conservative speaker conceded the inevitability of a one world government and economic reality.  Were Americans being left behind?  Sure.  I don't remember anyone denying it.  But we were told that's the price others have to pay.  Change can be tough.  You can't make an omelet without broken eggs and all.

The Left's big mistake was that they miscalculated just how many made up that 'sacrificial demographic.'  They didn't reckon how many were in that group of miserable ones in Middle America who had to pay the price so those along the two coasts could continue accumulating more wealth and power.  The pundits, media and Washington inner circles had spent years propping up the Obama legacy, ignoring the obvious warning signs, and apparently believed their own press clippings.

Alas, too many were hurting and feeling left behind and weren't willing to be the sacrificial lambs for a congealing section of the population concerned for itself to the exclusion of any other considerations.  So they voted.  Enter Trump.

I have no idea if what he did at the summit is good or not.  I'm not an economist.  I could add more to brain surgery before I'd have much to contribute in an economics forum. He could be creating future disasters, or solving problems.  My guess is, whatever he is doing, it's with a keen eye toward his base.  And that's not the base of evil Nazis wishing they could resurrect Hitler and create a new master race, though I'm sure there are those who fit that description. 

No, the ones cheering this picture would be his base who were told that if they're committing suicide at higher rates, it's likely they're just pissed they've lost their white privilege in this racist nation that is thankfully going the way of the dodo bird - even if they're black, Asian, or any other demographic.  It would be that base tired of being told they must suffer so that their self-proclaimed betters can continue on that path toward money, drugs and lots and lots of sex.

And pictures like the one above, far from repulsing them, will endear them to Trump all the more.  If those who would gladly dismiss their suffering are upset by the picture?  All the better.

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