Friday, June 8, 2018

What rule of law?

So a California judge has been removed because he ruled according to the dictates of the case.  Let me begin by admitting that I am no lawyer.  I know no more about the law than what I picked up watching Matlock with the sound off.  I'm not a legal expert.  I have no idea about legal stuff.  But here is what I noticed.

Many experts - and I mean many - were extremely bothered by the thought of removing the judge over this decision.   Legal experts who were men, women, liberal, conservative, pro-#MeToo - you name it: they all said this is a dangerous precedent.  Those who supported his removal? I couldn't help but notice that the bulk of them appealed more to emotional arguments. There was little talk about whether it was legally appropriate.

And yet, the second group won.  Just as, during the Roy Moore campaign, we watched our nation and its media power players embrace the idea that evidence and due process are for the courts, but outside of the courts your arse belong to us, now we're seeing it creep into the courts.  Right now, women are getting what they want, no matter the long term cost.  Les Wexnor would be proud.

If you're paying attention and looking at the forest rather than the trees, you'll notice that we're fast approaching the greatest threat to our freedoms and equality that our nation has experienced since its founding.  We're literally working to frame our nation as one based on witch hunts and lynch mobs, roaming the internet, going back decades to find something you said or did, pushing back against the need for due process and presumption of innocence, making it clear that liberty does not belong to those who do not conform to the Left.  All of these are where we are, not where we are going.  If we don't do something about it, it will only get worse.

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