Tuesday, June 5, 2018

It is acceptable to hate people based on skin color, nationality or religion

You just have to make sure you aim at the right skin color, nationality or religion.  Make sure the bigotry is the type that will get you invited to all the best parties and showered with awards and recognition from all the best institutions filled with the beautiful people.  Rod Dreher has an excellent write up on someone who has seen the glaring racism that is all the rage in our nation today. 

Yes, Virginia, if you talk about Whites in a way that you would call racist if it was applied to Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, or any other non-White demographic then you might just be a racist.  In fact, you likely are.  That so many who do this are white themselves simply demonstrates that bizarre demographic masochism that defines so much of the modern Left.


  1. "For in our current climate of opinion, every white man is a racist until proved otherwise." -Theodore Dalrymple

    1. Yeah, I notice that it is becoming a byword at this point to say 'White' in a way that one would say Jew or Black or Communist back in the day. Increasingly it means 'obviously racist, probably sexist, likely stupid, certainly unworthy of our regard or even concern for their well-being.' And that, little ones, is how the racism and evils of the future are built upon.


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