Wednesday, June 13, 2018

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Mike Flynn (no, not that one) has posted his periodic list of observations.  He doesn't post much, but when he does, it's worth the read.  Clever and concise, intelligent and keenly perceptive, Mike Flynn is basically the little kid saying 'No, it looks like the emperor is actually naked, despite what all of our self-proclaimed betters insist.'  He accomplishes this by combining a keen mind able to sift through the data with the wisdom that is lacking in so much of our modern discourse.

My favorite is #5.  As we have been told so many times, Russia's collusion with Donald Trump to steal the 2016 election is the greatest scandal since Watergate.  And yet we have not found any evidence at all that it happened.  In fact, as Mr. Flynn points out, we've not been told just what Russia actually did and how or if it had any impact at all.  It's enough that the media joins the Democrats and the liberal popular culture to insist the Emperor is clearly not naked.  There should be no expectations that we'll actually hear evidence.  As we know in the post-Roy Moore era, evidence is old news, and not something post-modern hipsters worry about.

That's not to take away from his other points.  They are, as usual, interesting and a welcome alternative to the propaganda we are fed by American Pravda on a daily basis.   That's just the one that jumped out at me because it's presented as common knowledge when there is actually no evidence whatsoever that it happened, or if it did, just what it means. 

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