Monday, June 11, 2018

Another bullet dodged

Looks like there was yet another attempt to Joe Stalin our history by removing a statue of Jefferson because  - Slavery!  Whew.  Sanity and humility and common sense and intelligence and all those fine qualities prevailed.  The postmodern iconoclastic witch hunt missed this one.

Granted, it will continue.  Concepts such as humility, forgiveness, mercy, reconciliation, understanding, gratitude - these are anathema to identity politics.  That's why identity politics is so crucial for the Leftist arsenal.  Any sin can become the sum total of one's identity. There is no call to forgive or approach with humility or a desire to reconcile.   It is resentment, revenge and destruction.  And those are just what any good Leftist revolution craves.

Is it Christian?  No.  Does it have any bearing on Christian values or world views?  No, of course not.  But Christians have already thrown so many values, ideals, beliefs, and doctrines out the window to accommodate modernity, I don't see why antiquated notions of forgiveness and reconciliation should be any different.  Look for the capital formerly named after a vile slave owner to be renamed in generations to come, as well as putting an end to all the principles and freedoms that the capital represented.

Remember, the goal of the modernist Left is to overthrow the nation established by the Founding Fathers, and defended by veterans for the first two hundred years.

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