Monday, June 11, 2018

Google does have its priorities in line

So I noticed last week that the anniversary of D-Day came and went and not a single doodle from Google.  Of course fair is fair.  I didn't notice it mentioned on either the morning national news shows or even our local news casts in the evening.  So there you go.  At least a few print outlets covered some stories about the landings.

The thing with Google is that it's notorious for digging up the most obscure trivia to commemorate as well as paying tribute to certain significant individuals and events, such as MLK Day or the commencement of Ramadan.  That it missed even the 74th anniversary of D-Day seemed quite strange.  Though when I was notified that it had missed the 70th as well, and only posted something due to a backlash, I couldn't help but think it's less accidental than we care to admit.

Well good news everyone.  Google is back and running and posting those important pieces of history that Americans and all people of the world can be proud of, like this:

Remember kids, there is a concerted effort to put an end to the nation built by the Founding Fathers, and defended by the first two hundred years of veterans.

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